Outdoor i Blekinge

Active Blekinge

- an outdoor destination to count on

With deep forests, fantastic trails, vast coastline and lovely lakes, Blekinge made for active days in the outdoors. Whether you are paddling, surfing, cycling or just enjoying nature's proximity. Put your kayak in the Hällaryd archipelago, try the surf winds along Torhamn cape, squeeze your body to the extreme in a swim-run race or climb a cave.

With an ever-increasing demand for active holiday days, Blekinge is a New favourite. With an ever-increasing demand for active holiday days, Blekinge is a New favourite. Get caught by the masterpieces of light in Blekinge archipelago and enjoy nature. Sign up for a first or continuing course and enjoy some of the country's best paddle, surf and bouldering areas (Kjugekull located in Skåne). Also, don't miss the Blekinge Trail and the newly launched ARK56, a whole bunch of linked coastal trails in the Blekinge Archipelago, where you can enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking and sailing trails.



- worth going long-distance for

Join the beautiful Torhamn cape and take part in the peculiar nature of the coastal band. Here, grazed beach meadows have preserved a favourable bird environment that attracts bird watchers from near and far. Most bird watchers located on the headland, while surfers follow the winds on the west side at the cape of Torhamn, one of the best surfing waters in the country.

Torhamns udde i Blekinge
Torhamn cape in Blekinge.


Kitesurfing i Blekinge
Simon Kutzner has gone to Blekinge from Hamburg to kitesurf.


  - It is my first time here, and surfing is excellent. Had this been in Spain, the entire coast would have been full of surfers, but here we are only a dozen fanatics during one of the best days of the year. That is what I call a real experience, ”says Simon Kutzner from Hamburg.


On the lawns west of the parking Ola Thomasson at Blekinge Surf, It instructs Therese Lennartsdotter from Sundsvall and Martin Baltzer from Norrtälje in the kitesurfing grounds.


  - What day. Brutal winds in an incredibly beautiful landscape. It is clear that it is fun to kite surf in Blekinge, says Therese Lennartsdotter with the board under her arm.


Unlike many other outdoor activities, kite surfing is a year-round sport. With wetsuits, shoes and a cap in neoprene, the temperature is the same year-round. At least if you have to believe the surfer Fredrik Silverskär who is active even during the winter.


Kitesurfing i Blekinge
Fredrik Silverskär kite surfing at Torhamn cape.


Fredrik Silverskär trixar i vattnet.
Fredrik Silverskär tricks in the water.


 - Down here you surf on the water all year round. In Västerås where I live it is familiar to ski or skates over frozen water, says Martin Persson, who prefers the kite surfing properties. Surfing is simply living. Totally, in the middle of nature. For real.


Therese Lennartsdotter
Therese Lennartsdotter.


Ola Thomasson, Blekinge Surf
Ola Thomasson runs Blekinge Surf in Ronneby.


Facts: Ola Thomasson at Blekinge Surf arranges basic courses, continuation courses and refresh courses (for you as kite surfers before but needs a refresh). Price from 1800 SEK / pers. www.blekingesurf.se
Ola Thomasson, Blekinge SurfOla Thomasson runs Blekinge Surf in Ronneby. www.blekingesurf.se




- an excellent way to train hard in the archipelago

Anyone who has tried swim-run leaves the competition or training with a firm conviction. Either you love the way you work out, or you hate it. Swim-run is a fast-growing phenomenon, even in Blekinge were several clubs in both the west and the east are doing their utmost to increase the popularity of the sport. You can compete in some of the country's most beautiful natural areas. The challenge (for most people) is not to achieve top results but to keep the body running at a constant speed without stopping in-between. In water, on land and in length. Extremely impressive. In Blekinge, a series of swin-run races are organized, including Iceland Challenge www.islandchallenge.se and Karlskrona Swimrun www.karlskronaswimrun.se

Swimrun i Blekinge
Island Challenge 2019.


Swimrun i Blekinge
Island Challenge 2019.


Swimrun i Blekinge
Island Challenge 2019.


Swimrun i Blekinge
Island Challenge 2019.


Swimrun i Blekinge
Island Challenge 2019.


Swimrun i Blekinge
Swimrun är ett utmärkt sätt att upptäcka Blekinges vackra naturområden. Bilderna är tagna under Island Challenge 2019.



Blekinge Archipelago

- an idyll to enjoy

Discover the archipelago by canoeing. A little later in the season, or early in the summer, you have the whole archipelago for yourself. If you prefer kayaking in the forest, there are fantastic opportunities. If you prefer to kayak in the forest, there are fantastic opportunities in both Lake Lister (Ronneby), Alljungen (Karlskrona), Långasjön (Karlshamn) or Halen and Raslången in Olofström.

You can rent a kayak from www.paddelkompaniet.se or www.kajaksyd.com

Paddla med hunden i Blekinge
The dog named Max on board.


Kvällspaddling i Blekinge
Lovely evening paddling in Blekinge.


Gratis kajakturer med Friluftsfrämjandet i Blekinge
Every Thursday, the Friluftsfrämjandet in Ronneby organizes free kayaking tours for members.




- Sweden's best bouldering (just west of the Skånegränsen)

Just across the Skåne border, you will find one of Sweden's best bouldering areas.

In total, there are nearly 1,300 different climbing problems on the large exposed boulders, which are thrown out in the landscape down to the Ivö lake. Bouldering is like climbing at low altitudes without rope and harness, horizontally instead of at height. Exciting, difficult and challenging at the same time. All you need is climbing shoes and a crash pad, which means a thick mat that prevents you from falling on the slopes if you lose your hand or foot bracket. At Kjugekull you will find everything from low seat starts to high lines, steep ceilings and challenging crossings. It is the first time you visit Kjugekull (to a boulder), it can be smart to hang out with a friend or buy the driver (a guide book) Kjugekull Bouldering by Harald Bohlin and Carl Nilsask. If you don't want to climb, you can experience the nature area on foot. Afterwards, a coffee cup at Vånga 77: 1 in Vånga recommends www.vanga771.se www.vanga771.se

Sportfreak - Bouldering i Blekinge
Kjugekull offers one of the best bouldering areas in the country.


Kjugekull offers one of the best bouldering areas in the country.



- in  Mörrumsån

The mighty Mörrumsån is impressive for many different reasons. Both the fishing and the rapids are unique, especially so far south in the country. While fishing is the best in the south, most of the spoilers are in the north. Not least to minimize conflicts of interest between fishers and paddlers and allow several different people to enjoy the opportunities of the water. Many paddle the distance between Ebbamåla and Holmsjö and surf the waves in Åkeholm where the backwater creates unique opportunities to experience the magic of the water. Rafting is permitted in the Mörrumsån river between April and September and prohibited during October, November and December. In the spring, however, few paddlers can paddle.



Cave tour

- in the underground

Discovering the interior of the earth is like taking part in an entirely different world. Down there, it is dark. Unlike many other cave systems, there are no limestone caves in Blekinge. Instead, the caves around Karlshamn, Ronneby and Karlskrona mostly consist of cobblestone caves, a few meters at a time. The largest - the Anglestu cave - a few kilometres northeast of Kallinge is at most 50 meters long and most just over one meter. The entire cave system celebrates with ropes and gets up with cave climbing technology; the system is 270 meters long. Sometimes far down in the ground to take you straight up into the daylight. A great way to discover Blekinge's cave system is to book a day with Emese Bálint on Ursula's Adventure. The company organizes full and half-day tours to the Anglestu cave, among other things. www.ursulasaventyr.se

Sportfreak - Grottklättring i Blekinge
Children love exciting discoveries in the underground. Kalle, Livia and Norah.