Autumn weekends in Blekinge, southern Sweden

Autumn weekends

- to long for
After a fantastic summer, full of beautiful evenings, sun and warm baths, it is lovely to look forward to the approaching autumn. Make sure to bunk up properly with candlelight and combine fascinating forest excursions with afternoon tea and the sound of crackling fires.
Hösthelger att längta till.
Autumn holidays to long for. A bonfire in the outdoors reinforces the mystique of the forest. Of course, with a cup of chef coffee.
Those who are not fortunate enough to live with a fireplace, stove or fireplace at home can enjoy the exact same warmth in the outdoors - completely free. Pack your backpack with comfortable clothes, good food, a warm sleeping bag and a perfect tent and give yourself and experience the sounds of the autumn, light and dark solo. If not alone, then at least with friends. If you do not want to camp, there are lots of accommodation where you can crawl into a comfortable bed rather than a sleeping bag. For example, Gullkråkan on Joggesö and Pensionat Järnavik.
Few things are as relaxing as the outdoor life ahead of the autumn edge. Quiet pleasure in nature's warm arms. Make a fire as soon as you are out in the woods for heat, light and cooking over an open fire. Nothing tastes as good as the food you cook in the forest. Preferably with tasty sweets afterwards.
Unlike in the middle of summer, it is calm and quiet in the archipelago during the winter season. The motorboats have been silenced, and the watercraft has long been occupied on land.  A warming fire. Boiled coffee.




7 autumn tips


1. Autumn weekend at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

Check-in at the lovely Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve just outside Åryd between Karlshamn and Ronneby and enjoy the comfortable sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, the animals' proximity and warm fires in the Säteriet. Don't forget to bring binoculars and happy to read a good book.

Hösthelger att längta till på Eriksberg i Blekinge
Autumn weekends to long for at Eriksberg in Blekinge Cozy autumn weekend at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve.
2. Pick you own mushroom
Despite the devastating drought, the mushrooms begin to look up from their hiding places in the forest. After the rain - and heating - the fungus growth starts and those who have the energy to wait will certainly not go unlucky. Already you can find both chanterelles and different types of soups (Karl Johan is one of the most well-known), although the presence is still modest so far. Don't forget to pack a proper fig basket and enjoy the beauty of the forest on the first parquet in the mushroom forest. You will find chanterelles in the most diverse environments, ranging from spruce forests to pine forests and mixed forests, while Karl Johansvampen (Stensopp) grows mainly in deciduous and coniferous forests.
Svampplockning i Blekinge
Mushroom picking in Blekinge Cozy mushroom excursions on the autumn edge.


3. Sunday dinner in the open air
Autumn's favourite. Sunday dinner in the open air. Pack ingredients for a simple casserole (game pots are great to enjoy in this way), a cast iron pan with lids and plenty of recliners - or camping chairs - so the whole company sits comfortably while out in the woods. Choose a sheltered spot where it doesn't blow and cook fabulous Sunday dinner with family or close friends. Finish by heating the sweets over the fire and gilding classic raspberry caves or regular cinnamon buns to covetable bakery successes.
Laga mat utomhus.
Cook outdoors. Smoked bacon and stick bread over an open fire.
Where? There are several beautiful municipal rest areas around Blekinge with both windshields and prepared fireplaces. You will usually find such junctions along the Blekingeleden trail, at the bathing places or around sports and leisure facilities. Do not forget to bring your own firewood and extinguish the fire thoroughly before leaving.
4. Silhouette evening at sunset

Head out to the coast for a few hours before the sun sets straight down into the sea - it doesn't really do that in Blekinge, but by getting out into the sea band the sunset becomes easier to see - and enjoy the colours of the sky as the day comes Evening. If the children do not appreciate sitting still on a cob and watching the sun slowly descend towards the horizon, the silhouette game is usually an enjoyable pastime. Use a regular camera (the phone is good enough, but don't forget to focus on the sky for proper light measurement) and let the kids make beautiful silhouette images against the blushing sky. Obviously, if you use a system camera, the pictures will get better.

Siluettkväll i skymningen.
Silhouette art by the sea.

Where? Take the boat out in the archipelago. If you do not have your own boat, you can take the car out at Hasslö or Sturkö just outside Karlskrona. It is also not wrong to go out to Hanö and stay overnight at cosy Hanö Hostel. Tel +46739255337.


5. Forest walk with hoarfrost
Pack your backpack full of goodies and take a short trip along Blekinge's hiking trails. Late in the fall, when the hoarfrost decorates all the trees of the forest, the hiking trails are turned on unused, and you can enjoy nature's tranquillity on your own. Don't forget to bring mittens and hat as shady areas can get chilly.
Hösthelger att längta till.
Hike all the Blekinge's hiking trails.
Where? Fantastic Långasjönäs area in Karlshamn, Ryssberget in Sölvesborg or Karlsnäsgården in Ronneby. It is also wonderfully beautiful to stroll all the way to Torhamn's headland.


6. Atumn fair around Ljungaviken (Sölvesborg)

Take the train (or car) to Sölvesborg and enjoy the city-wide walking tour around Ljungaviken. From the train station, the trip is only six kilometres long (it is excellent to go with both stroller and walker) via Europe's longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge. Combine with a dinner stop at the Salvatores restaurant with Påhlssons or a coffee at Ritz Konditori in the middle of Sölvesborg (Stortorget) before retaking the train home. Keep in mind that the stores in Sölvesborg are not open on Sundays. Restaurant Salvatores with Påhlssons, on the other hand, is open on Sundays.


Höstvandra över Sölvesborgsbron till Ljungaviken.
Autumn walk over the pedastrian and bicycle bridge.


7. Afternoon tea whit friends

Invite a bunch of friends and show up for afternoon tea at home in the living room. If you have your own fireplace, the fireplace is mandatory. Mix delicious sandwiches with sweets and top with good teas and delicious marmalades. The best experience is usually if you first go out for a pleasant walk together and little chunks of cold settle down around the table and enjoy warm pieces of bread, good cakes and tasty tea. If you are unable to arrange everything on your own, you can buy ready-made packages from some of the players operating in Blekinge. For example, Café Mandeltårtan and Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve arranges afternoon tea on specific occasions. 

brunch at Mandeltartan



1. En mysig hösthelg på Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark

Fly till det unika Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark, beläget mellan Karlshamn och Ronneby. Unna dig rogivande bastubad, njut av ett utomhusjacuzzi och spendera tid med djuren medan du värmer dig framför sprakande brasor på Säterier. Glöm inte kikare för fågelskådning och en spännande bok för att förgylla de lugna stunderna.

Hösthelger i Blekinge - Välkommen till Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark
Hitta alla erbjudanden här - Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark

2. Svampplockningsäventyr

När regn och värme samverkar för att locka fram svampen, kan tålmodiga sökare hitta skogens skatter. Från tidiga kantareller till de ansedda Karl Johan-svamparna gömmer skogen godbitar. Packa en stadig picknick, ge dig in i skogens hjärta och njut av skogens skönhet medan du letar efter dessa ljuvliga smaker.

Svampplockningsäventyr i Blekinge med stor kantarellskörd








3. Avkopplande utomhusmiddag på en söndag

Njut av en lugn söndagsmiddag utomhus. Förbered en enkel gryta, gärna med vilt, och ta med en gjutjärnspanna med lock. Sitt bekvämt på kuddar eller campingstolar på en skyddad plats, skyddad från vinden, och avnjut en sagolik middag med dina nära och kära. Avrunda upplevelsen med att värma godsaker över elden och förvandla klassiska hallongrottor eller kanelbullar till ljuvliga läckerheter.

Outdoor cooking är kul, vad sägs om en grillad korv?


4. Fängslande siluettkväll

Ge dig ut till kusten ett par timmar innan solnedgången för att bevittna himlen i lågor när dagen övergår till natt. Engagera barnen med lekar med siluetter mot den färgsprakande bakgrunden. Fånga dessa ögonblick med din kamera, och låt barnen skapa förtrollande siluettbilder mot den målande himlen.

Skapa siluetter i skymningen med hjälp av hösten vackra färger i Blekinge

5. Skogspromenad i rimfrost

Med ryggsäcken packad ger du dig ut på en kort vandring längs Blekinges vandringsleder. När rimfrosten dekorerar träden är stigarna lugna, och du kan njuta av naturens stillhet på egen hand. Kom ihåg att ta med vantar och mössa, då skuggiga områden kan bli kyliga.

Skogspromenader med rimfrost är en avkopplande höstupplevelse i Blekinge!


6. Höstlig charm runt Ljungaviken i Sölvesborg

Ta tåget eller bilen till Sölvesborg och ge dig ut på en stadnära vandring runt Ljungaviken. Vandringen sträcker sig blott sex kilometer och passar både barnvagnar och gångare. Efter att ha korsat Europas längsta gång- och cykelbro, unna dig en middag på en restaurang eller ta en kaffepaus på Ritz Konditori mitt i Sölvesborgs Stortorg.

Sölvesborgsbron, Sölvesborg i Blekinge




7. Eftermiddagskaffe- eller te med vänner

Bjuda in vännerna och arrangera en charmig eftermiddagskaffe- eller te i ditt vardagsrum. Om du har en öppen spis är elden nästan obligatorisk. Blanda matiga smörgåsar med läckra sötsaker och komplettera med aromatiska teer och utsökta marmelader. Höj upplevelsen genom att först ge er ut på en uppfriskande promenad tillsammans innan ni samlas runt bordet för att njuta av varmt bröd, goda bakverk och smakrika teer.

Koka kaffe över öppen eld outdoor i Blekinge.



Njutbara utflykter för alla sinnesstämningar

Höstens avkopplande skärgårdsupplevelser i Blekinge


När hösten målar världen med sina gyllene nyanser är det dags att omfamna dessa njutbara utflykter som väntar på dig. Oavsett om du söker ensamhet i naturens famn eller delar skönheten med vänner och familj, kommer dessa äventyr att hjälpa dig att få det bästa av denna förtrollande årstid. Så klä dig varmt, ta med dig äventyrsandan och låt höstens magi slå ut sig runt omkring dig.