Långasjön's leisure area

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Leisure area north of Asarum.


By Långasjön, located north of Asarum, there's a leisure area with a cottage village and camping site. Långasjön itself is a popular bathing place with nice water temperature. If you want to go out on the lake, you can rent a rowing boat or canoe. You can also arrange small conferences here.

Asarum's sports field is close to Långasjön and has soccer fields, tennis courts and lighted jogging trails. At Kroksjöarna, you can fish and take a sauna bath. Many well signposted walking trails begins at Friluftsfrämjandets facility Nytorpet, and the trail Blekingeleden passes by the area.

Water power is one of the old and tried sources of electricity, and so is the case also in Nötabråne, north of Asarum, where the water power station is located at the beautiful Mieån. In old times, here was a mill - a stone with layers from the mill's waterwheel is still here. The mill was bought in 1896 by Strömma Bomullsspinneri, that built an electrical power station to deliver electricity to their factory. Electricity is still produced here using the turbine from 1904.

Svenska Kyrkans's education and camping facility for young people, Södra Hoka herrgård is located north of Asarum.

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