Sea kayaking in the Blekinge archipelago

Sea kayak Blekinge archipelago

This ... this is life!

On a small skerry, somewhere south of Ronneby, we glide ashore with the kayaks. The sun is low. It smells like the sea, and the skin is rough with saltwater. We have been paddling all day. We unpack tents, food and swimwear. Here on our own little island, we will spend the evening and night and just enjoy nature. Our closest neighbours are seals, blue water and cliffs.

Sea kayaking. Blekinge archipelago. Accommodation on an island.


Sea kayaking in Blekinge archipelago, southern Sweden


Sea kayaking in the Blekinge archipelago. Pulls up the kayak. Overnight in a tent.


But we stop the band and back off a bit. How did we get here? Yesterday we started our kayak excursion on a sandy beach outside Karlskrona. Kalle and I loaded two kayaks on the roof rack, filled our luggage with camping equipment and food and went to the swimming area at Knipehall. Here we put in the kayaks and paddled out. We paddled west, past Karlskrona and a little more open water, in wind protection behind islands, cobs and skerries, we then make our way all the way to an island outside Hasslö. Here we camp our first night. The next day we continue aiming for the islands just southwest of Ronneby. Blekinge has a fantastic archipelago with lots of islands and skerries and is ideal for kayaking. Whether you want to make a short, cosy day trip or such a real adventure and push your limits, the conditions are here. For our part, we probably prefer a paddling at a slightly slower pace, with more focus on socializing, cooking good food and enjoying the sea and nature.

Paddle in the Blekinge archipelago, among islands, cobs and skerries


Kayaking is a fun and easily accessible activity that suits most people. The first time you paddle, you can make it simple and easily accessible, and as you become more experienced, you can go on longer trips. Kayaks are available in several different models and sizes. There are often packing hatches so you can pack coffee, food, tents, camping equipment. If you want to rent kayaks, there are several landlords in Blekinge. If you are curious about kayaking, you can also take an introductory course, to learn the basics of technology and safety. Check out the Ark56 app for tips!

Sea kayak in the Blekinge archipelago, southern Sweden. Seals around the kayak.


So what is the charm of kayaking? It is the opportunity to get to those magical places that are otherwise difficult to access. You can paddle between the rocks and go ashore at that cliff where you can not get there by boat. You can take the kayaks on the roof rack and put them in new exciting places. You can explore the smallest cove, gliding very quietly along the reeds. You can experience animal encounters that you would never have experienced otherwise. You come forward on your own, and only splashes of water are heard. When you sit in the kayak, out in the water, you see the surroundings from a different perspective, and it is a new, fantastic way to experience nature.

Sea kayaking in the Blekinge archipelago. Among rocks and stones. Step ashore on an island.


Andreas tips for a successful kayak trip

Kayaking is suitable for many. The first thing to do is not to underestimate the impact of the weather on safety. Wind, waves and cold water are harmful ingredients when you are new to kayaking. The first time you paddle, do not set the bar too high. Choose a sheltered place to get acquainted with the kayak. Many people I meet appreciate a basic course in kayaking. Book a full or half-day with an experienced and certified instructor to get the best conditions and learn right from the start.

Paddle in the Blekinge archipelago. Basic course in paddling.


Kayak sea kayaking in the Blekinge archipelago.


Once you feel safe and are about to embark on your first trip, plan it too short rather than too long. Often you want too much, too fast. Paddling away with the wind in your back and only turning around when you start to get tired is often the start of a dull experience. Paddling home against the wind after a long day is hard for anyone. Much better to have some energy left and be alert enough to enjoy. Canoeing should be fun! Share the experience with someone! It's both safe and fun. Always tell someone at home that you are going out paddling, your itinerary and when you plan to be back. Bring a first aid kit, water and snacks and of course, a fully charged mobile phone in a waterproof case or bag. Keep in mind that the sun absorbs more water, so sunscreen, a cap and sunglasses are essential. Finally, it's so apparent it can be, but I say it anyway ... life jacket and swimming skills. Right?

Paddle sea kayaking in Blekinge.


Kayaking in Blekinge. At sea. Near land. Shallow water


Overnight on an island in the Blekinge archipelago. Paddle and outdoor cooking.



Packing list date

  • Life jacket
  • Chapel
  • Liquid at least 1.5 L and snacks.
  • Wash sponge to wipe off the kayak
  • Waterproof bags
  • Complete change of clothes packed waterproof
  • Wind/rain jacket.
  • Warm sweater or jacket
  • Swimwear of course
  • Water-resistant shoes or sandals.
  • Sleeping pads/camping chair
  • Real coffee + thermos
  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen / Sunglasses
  • Cap
  • Binoculars
  • Mobile fully charged
  • Powerbank for your mobile
  • Nautical chart / map / compass / GPS
  • Optionally float
  • Possible towing line


It's not harder than that! Look around for a friend or acquaintance who has a kayak to lend, or even better, contacts a certified instructor for a course and then go out and discover all the strawberry places in our beautiful archipelago. Feel free to take photos and share your experiences. Tag the pictures with #visitblekinge # ark56

If you want to know more about kayaking and have questions or concerns or want more tips, you are welcome to email me at

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