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A day in Blekinge

In Blekinge, everything is close and so well packaged that when you are in a city, almost everything is just half an hour away. Join the family who wakes up in Sölvesborg and travels through Blekinge to Kristianopel — a day filled with cosy Blekinge adventure.



Ready to start

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Time to throw away the blanket at cosy B&B Villa Orion, located centrally in the medieval town of Sölvesborg. Before breakfast, we take the adult boardwalk to the castle ruin. Once, the region's most reliable defence facility with a tower of 35 meters.

B&B Villa Orion i Sölvesborg, Blekinge

Book B & B Villa Orion


Slottsruinen i Sölvesborg, Blekinge

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Exiting industrial design

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We go north. The family's technology-driven want to Ebbamåla mill outside Olofström. Fun with a guided tour in the old industrial environment. Here you can see how the technology worked then. We leave the mill with a new cast iron bar.

Ebbamåla Bruk i Blekinge

Ebbamåla Bruk in Olofström.



Playful activities & exotic animals

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We continue towards Karlshamn and Kreativum Science Center, filled with clarity and knowledge. In about 170 discovery stations, we are challenged to learn new in a fun way. We also like to visit the MegaDome Cinema Kreanova, which offers a movie adventure that feels throughout the body. Now it sucks in the stomach, and we take a break in Kreaficum where it is served both pancakes, sausages, coffee and other good. Satisfied and satisfied we take a trip to the outdoor area, Kreapark. Here are tunnels, mischievous fountains and several stations.

Kreativum Science Center i Blekinge

Discover Kreativum Science Centrum

Across the yard, we discover Blekinge Exotic World, a tropical island that lures us on a journey around the world. We are met by curious suricats and dwarf silk monkeys and the 3.5-meter long tiger python standard.

Blekinge Exotiska Värld

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We drive the car east and stop at Ronneby. The children's groaning turns into cheerful crying when we turn in at Brunnsbadet. Now it should be splashed in the pool and go for a slide! We also like to visit Brunnsparken right next door and enjoy coffee and home-baked goods at the award-winning and cosy café Mandeltårtan.

Brunnsbadet och Ronneby Brun Hotell i Blekinge

Waterpalace Brunnsbadet


Café Mandeltårtan i Blekinge

Home-baked at Café Mandeltårtan



Blekinge's flavours

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Tired of all bathing, we head to Karlskrona. However, we cannot help but make a small detour to Egg Egg in Gärestad By. An absolutely fantastic farm shop that has received, among other things, the Skåne Gastronomic Academy's diploma "Farm shop of high class". Here we revel in locally produced food crafts and must clearly taste Anna-Lena's own mayonnaise which Carl Jan in the TV program "Sweden's most beautiful farms" described: as a great summer kiss.

Äggaboden i Ronneby, Blekinge

Äggaboden, a Farm shop in Ronneby.



The Rosenbom figure in sunny Karlskrona

- at 18:32

We arrive at Karlskrona, our second-last stop. Here the old man Rosenbom is waiting outside the Admiralty Church from the 17th century. We enjoy the atmosphere of this war city with yards and fortifications, jumping ashore at Kungsholmsfort, a fortification from the 17th century and finally making a visit to the 300-meter long rope course. We note that the sun also shines today in one of Sweden's sunniest cities. We end with a picnic in the evening sun on Stumholmen.

Fattigbössan Rosenbom vid Amiralitetskyrkan i Karlskrona

Put a coin in Rosenboms fattigbössa.



Walk on the wall and live music

- at 20:38

We continue north and park the car in the summer idyll Kristianopel. Check in at Pensionat Stensvik and see the sea right outside our window. As the darkness drops, we ascend to the bustling 17th-century wall that runs around almost the entire peninsula. On our left side the sea glitters, sailboats add and people stroll along Storgatan with their charming wooden houses. After ice cream, there will be live music at Hamnkrogen. Tonight we will undoubtedly sleep well.