cykla mtb i Olofström

Biking in Olofström

- in Sweden's Southernmost Wilderness

In Olofström there are plenty of opportunities to cycle. Pack some “fika” and set off on dirt roads through varied and beautiful scenery. Take a break every now and then to experience some cultural and historical sites, take a dip in one of the 237 lakes of the municipality or enjoy lunch at one of the restaurateurs.


Here are a few tips on great tracks, routes and trails:

MTB Track

Do you want to go mountain biking in hilly and exciting terrain? Head to the old ski slope, Vinterberget by Brännaregården. There is a marked track for mountain bikers – a narrow path that goes through the forest, crossing the ski slope’s start and finish. The downhill track starts at the top of Vinterberget and takes you past forest sections, built-up jumps, bridges, and technical sections at high speed. Wear a helmet, and be sure that your bike is up for the task before you set off.

MTB map


Sydostleden – The Southeast trail

Cycle the bike trail Sydostleden, which stretches from Växjö in Småland all the way down to Simrishamn in Skåne. In total, a 270 km challenge. In Olofström municipality, the trail runs alongside the river Mörrumsån from Hovmansbygd to Hemsjö – a well-preserved industrial landscape from the 1850s. Stop by Ebbamåla Bruk, an old Mill which is totally intact with machines and tools dating back to its inception. The better part of the trail is car-free, 80% of it paved, safe and comfortable! 

Photo Mikael Tannus


Banvallsleden – The railway embankment trail

The Banvallsleden is a paved cycle path that follows the old railway between Olofström and Sölvesborg. The trail is just under 30 km long and offers several lovely sights that are great for a short break. You pass by beautiful grazing landscapes, as well as hilly agricultural ones, deep valleys, and lakes and streams. The trail is equally enjoyable in both directions. Why not spend the night in Olofström or Sölvesborg and cycle back the next day? Read more

Banvallsleden is suitable for biking


Halen runt – A tour around lake Halen

This tour is a moderately difficult, but incredibly beautiful, cycle trail measuring 20 km. The trail takes you around lake Halen, through a varied landscape, on asphalted roads as well as on smaller, gravel roads. You’ll find many great spots for a pause – to take a bath or enjoy lunch along the way. Take a look at a map of the trail at Halens Friluftsområde.

Bike around lake Halen

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