Sen kväll i vildmarken. Brokamåla Gård. Blekinge.

Peace & quiet in the wild

Quality time with friends in Olofström – Sweden's southernmost wilderness

Close to nature, and to eachother. In Olofström municipality you will find Sweden's southernmost wilderness and outdoor life for everyone. In the lake-sprinkled forests in the northwest, lies Brokamåla Gård, a facility with high-class accommodation that offers relaxation, nature experiences and activities – just as little or as much as you want. Here you have access to more than 25 lakes, exclusive angling in a natural environment, boating, swimming and lovely hiking areas. You can also come here to do the tests involved in the Swedish hunter’s examination.

Brokamåla Farm simply offers enjoyment in all four seasons and the owners have thought a lot about the human need for serenity. “Being in nature increases our well-being and strengthens our health. Today, many people never experience silence and serenity, but you will find it at our farm, in Sweden's southernmost wilderness". Is this what you and your friends lack, need and long for? Do like Sofia and her group of friends and treat yourself to a visit to Brokamåla.

Vandring i Sveriges sydligaste vildmark Olofström tillsammans med vännerna.



Sofia on why everyone should enjoy a Brokamåla week end with friends

I’m fortunate and have an absolutely wonderful group of friends. The six of us take every chance to enjoy each other's company – and life. We have been to Brokamåla together twice, once in late summer and once in the fall and we loved it! Both of our accommodations – the one in Skogsstugan and the one at Höloftet – were fantastic, just in different ways.

Vedeldad badtunna på Brokamåla Gård i Blekinge.

Brokamåla has several different activities and packages, for example pentathlon which we tried out and learned that there were unexpected talents in our group – who knew that Madde was so great at archery?! We have also booked the wood-fired hot tubs and the sauna. Nothing compares to the joy of taking a warm bath, then plunging into the lake, covered with water lilies, before getting back into the hot barrel, enjoying a drink and gazing at the treetops and the starry sky. It’s pure magic! We have also taken long and lovely walks on the hiking trails around the farm and cooked together on the hunting cabin's open fire. And there are lovely spots where you can enjoy your meal, on the cabin balcony or in the light of the torches on one of the jetties.

Bada vid egen brygga på Brokamåla Gård i Olofström.


Bryggbad på Brokamåla Gård i Blekinge.

Outdoor cooking tillsammans med vännerna på Brokamåla Gård i Blekinge.

My absolute favourite thing? I am a big time nature lover, and since you are completely surrounded by beautiful forest and nature in Brokamåla, the whole stay is simply soothing to my soul. However, the afternoons and evenings in the sauna and the hot tub that we enjoyed together... I will probably never forget those precious moments. Brokamåla Gård is a true gem, perfect for quality time with friends who also appreciate the beautiful environment but at the same time want a comfortable stay.

Tända ljuslyktor på bryggan hos Brokamåla Gård när skymningen faller.


Brokamåla Gård i Blekinge, outdoor tillsammans med vännerna.

Photos by Sofia Lindqvist-Lacinai.

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