A chanterelle place in Blekinge

Autumn flavours

Here at the edge of autumn, the forest and our gardens are full of mushrooms, berries, vegetables, fruits and delicious tomatoes. If you do not have the opportunity to grow plants yourself, visit one of the county's farm shops to enjoy great locally produced delicacies without intermediaries.

Lunchtallrik med gulbetor, nyskördade grönsaker från Blekinge tillsammans med en grillad köttbit.
Yellow beets are lovely to pickle, grill or cook. Then cut them thinly and serve together with a gently grilled piece of meat and sliced leeks, and yellow beets are sweet to pickle, grill or cook. Then cut them thin and serve together with a gently grilled piece of meat and chopped leeks.


Going out into the woods during October usually results in baskets overflowing with mushrooms and delightful breaks in a sunny glade. Don't forget to bring a thermos with coffee or tea, or why not cook your coffee over an open fire? Remember that perculated old style coffe "kokkaffe" should preferably not boil. The foam should "dance on the surface" until the temperature reaches 94-96 ° C. This way, the coffee does not develop any bitterness.
Höstvandring i Blekinge, genom skog och längs vattendrag.
Blekinge's forests offer excellent nature experiences in the fall. Remember to be extra cautious when moving about during hunting season.

Sign up for a mushroom course

If you are unsure about which mushrooms you can eat, you can always sign up for a mushroom course. Both study associations and private mushroom consultants (there are no mushroom consultants in Blekinge) offer classes where you learn what mushrooms can be eaten. Start modestly, learn a few species at a time and expand with more knowledge as you go along.
Svampkurs med svampkonsult i Blekinge.
Lots of funnel chanterelles and mushroom places. Mushroom consultant Dicte Helmersson teaches people to pick more mushrooms. Contact a mushroom consultant here - The Swedish Association of Mushroom Consultants
Just October is an excellent month for picking funnel chanterelles.  The forest is full of this brown gold that grows in both spruce forest, mixed forest and beech forest. If you find it challenging to find the brown mushroom, you can instead look for the purple Amethyst shrub that almost always grows close to funnel chanterelles. The advantage is that the Amethyst mushroom can also be eaten.
En svampkurs i Blekinge tillsammans med svampkonsult hittar du de bästa svampställena.
Amethyst twigs usually grow together with funnel chanterelles.


Collect seeds from nettles

Everybody knows that early summer nettle soup is like a real vitamin injection that fills the body's craving for nutrients. Throughout the summer, you can harvest nettles, select the crispy shoots or the top of larger plants, curl up and freeze to enjoy delicious nettle soup during the winter season. You can also pick nettle seeds to share the same to make gild green smoothies, fruit juices and the morning file with natural vitamins. All you have to do is to rip the seeds from the seed racks, let them dry and use the seeds as they are.
Nässelfrön som skördats för energirika smoothies till vintern. Blekinge
Nettle seeds are excellent nutrient bombs to collect for the winter.


Harvest far into the fall

The advantage of having your own garden is that you can grow for almost the whole year and enjoy locally produced goodies that have not travelled at all. For example, you can grow Italian winter tomatoes in greenhouses, take them in before it freezes and eats fresh vegetables until the summer. For as long as they stay in a cold room indoors. Maybe not the world's tastiest tomatoes to eat raw, but delicious to use in pots, sauces and pasta sauces. Look for Italian piennolo tomatoes or Pomodorino del piennolo. You buy seeds online, for example at well-sorted www.gourmetgarage.se or in a garden shop.
Bladgrönsaker går utmärkt att skörda under hela vintern. Nyazeeländsk spenat
Leaf vegetables are excellent for harvesting throughout the winter. New Zealand spinach.


Both mache salad and spinach are perfect so that in the autumn, then be able to enjoy fresh leaves well into November, or year-round during mild winters in Blekinge. A good tip is that winter saw leafy vegetables just before the silt settles to get extra early harvest on the spring edge. For example, spinach, mache salad and mangold. Also, more and more enthusiasts have stopped pushing up tomatoes, leeks, cabbage and artichoke indoors and winter wounds instead of the cold soil crops in a greenhouse in January or February. As soon as it is warm enough in the soil, the seeds grow with new hardy plants as a result.
Svartkål går utmärkt att skörda under hela vintern.
Black cabbage is excellent for harvesting throughout the winter.


An autumn full of fruits & berries
Far into the fall, both the forest and the garden are full of tasty sweet berries. At least as long as you plant late varieties in the garden, such as autumn raspberries and blackberries. In the forest, on the other hand, you can still enjoy blackberries, lingonberries and good stocks of rosehip. Don't forget to enjoy the garden's fruit trees, where both pears and apple are classic favourites. If you can't eat all the apple, you can dry the fruit in a mushroom dryer or cook your own apple juice.
Skörda äpplen i trädgården
Fresh apples are popular with both humans and animals, especially moose.
Leave the roots in the ground
A good tip for being able to harvest crispy root vegetables throughout the winter season is to leave them in the horticulture area until the hive settles. Beetroot, yellow beetroot and carrots are excellent in the soil and guarantee fantastic flavours as long as there are plus degrees in the ground. Winterize the root vegetables completely. You can isolate with a thick layer of straw. Scrape off the straw and harvest both beets and carrots right up to the spring edge.
Beans - climate-smart food in the garden
Growing your own seeds is a great way to grow climate-smart food on a small surface. The bean is a favourite, which is excellent for processing into tasty falafel or to wok as it is. Preferably with garlic, olive oil and salt. You can both dry and freeze beans.
Odla bondbönor och gör egen falafel.
Grow peas and make your own falafel.


Odla bondbönor och gör egen falafel.
Grow peas and make your own falafel.


Odla bondbönor och gör egen falafel.
Autumn .flavors with homegrown ingredients.




Pumpkin - significantly more than Halloween
Visit a pumpkin grower or shop for affordable pumps in abundance at a nearby farm shop.
Aside from decoration (usually around Halloween), you can make fantastic pumpkin dishes in all its forms. For example, tasty soups, oven-baked pumpkin, pumpkin pie and pumpkin crème (served with grilled lamb or spicy sausages).
Det finns flera pumpaodlare i länet. Lörby gårdsbutik utanför Sölvesborg.
There are several pumpkin growers in the county. Lörby farm shop outside Sölvesborg.


Det finns flera pumpaodlare i länet. Lörby gårdsbutik utanför Sölvesborg.
Lörby farm shop outside Sölvesborg.
Visit a garden centre and enjoy great prices
Here's how to make real bargains at the county's nurseries this autumn. Especially on berries, perennials and trees that take up space to store. Autumn is also an excellent time to plant new in the garden, as the humid winter season provides excellent conditions for favourable root development. However, planting bushes and trees in the spring can be difficult as the summer season is usually dry with demanding to water as a result.
Ljunsleds Plantskola i Mörrum
Visit a commercial garden and enjoy favorable prices for the winter. Ljungsled's garden center in Mörrum.
Ljungsleds Plantskola
Ljungsled's Garden center in Mörrum.
Ljunsleds Plantsksola
Visit a commercial garden and enjoy favorable prices for the winter. Ljungsled's Gardeb center in Mörrum.
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