Well-composed dish in taste, color and form of Astensmåla Mat & Vingård in Blekinge

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Made in Blekinge

It is a special feeling when the smallest ingredient is carefully selected and hand-picked, just as "a hearty summer kiss", as described by the Äggaboden's homemade mayonnaise. At Askunga Dovvilt you can enjoy all the delicacies of the pigeon deer, and at Spjutsbygd's farm, tasty barbecue sausages and beer sausages are made of lamb. When you get hungry for home-made and magically good ice cream, you should head to Björketorp's farm. Here you can also buy fresh bottled milk from a milk dispenser. The farm has been producing its gelato since 1988 with the possibility of the farm's organic cows, the neighbour's eggs and oak-lined honey from the beehives on the farm.

Björketorps Gård, Johannishus.

Innovative passion

- top class flavours right next to the sea


Blekinge is a beautiful idyll for those who like to enjoy the delights of the sea. There are many restaurants with the sea as the nearest neighbour. & Wine in Karlshamn has been praised in the White Guide and offers a first-class tasting menu with new flavour combinations. & Wine never ceases to amaze and offers aromas you will always remember. Why not enjoy the first glass of the evening right on the pier, just outside the restaurant window. If you want to try wilder tastes, Restaurant Visenten at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve is a sure tip. Here you get to taste Blekinge's best according to White Guide. A beautiful and healthy combination of wild experiences both in nature and the surroundings and on the plate.

Restaurant &Vin, Karlshamn


Genuine farm environment

- parties, dinners & conferences


Here food and drink are served in a sustainable, inclusive and natural way where guests are in absolute focus, and the quality of food and beverages is a value. The family farm from 1777 is beautifully situated in the forests of Blekinge close to the lively waters of Mörrumsån. Since 1991 it has been owned by the Berg family and a gathering point for new and old friends, family and international guests with a boundless love for food and drink as a common denominator. Now you can experience the same thing, book a table at Astensmåla Mat & Vingård.

Rural idyll

- live performances, restaurant & conference

The Egg Shop is a rural idyll in Blekinge. The wind blows in the crowns of the trees, the chickens peck freely, free and enjoy the summer breeze, just like the guest on the chair in the orangery. Here, the taste buds dance in harmony with the requirements-labelled and locally produced ingredients. Unless the product is directly on the farm, a nearby neighbouring yard stands for components. The restaurant offers tastings from all over Blekinge. A nice mix of forest, soil and archipelago. Everything from wine tastings to pub nights with beers from microbreweries, varnishes and music evenings is organised here. Why not enjoy a lunch or a classic Swedish summer drink with ingredients from season and season.

Äggaboden, Ronneby.
In the middle of Blekinge

- with own farm bakery & hotel

Next to Brunnsparken and beautiful Ronnebyån lies Café Mandeltårtan. Here you bake daily and with an extra ingredient - the love of the craft. The sourdough is tenderly cared for and every cake, pastry and cake is made from scratch. The cosy atmosphere of the kitchen reaches you wherever you are: in the glass veranda, in the soft sofa or the garden. Here you will enjoy the moment together with something freshly baked - perhaps your favourite almond cake. Do you want to stay over? Book Mandeltårtan's own accommodation Villa Flora Viola dating back to the 19th century in the middle of the beautiful Brunnsparken.


- beer tasters that make a difference

At Johannishus Estate, surrounded by beautiful nature reserves, you can feel the wings of history. The estate has been used by the Wachtmeister family for 11 generations since 1684, shortly after Blekinge became part of Sweden. Now it is Hans and Maria who are driving the development of the estate. Their passion is to manage under sustainable forms and offer locally produced food and drink. Agriculture at Johannishus is undergoing conversion to organic, and from the barley, they brew their own "Farmhouse Ale". Johannishus Brewery launched its first beer during festive forms at Höstglöd Blekinge in September 2018, a new annually recurring event. Popular game boxes are made of the game from their hunting grounds. A tasting party for those who like the wild and locally produced, and there will be more new investments in the estate. So keep an eye out!

Dan-Magnus and Magnus, two friends, brewed beer at home in the kitchen when a friend who is a beer judge happened to taste and thought that the beer they had brewed could go on sale. Then they looked at each other and said: We start a brewery! Two years later, Brygghus19 was started. Dan-Magnus Svensson and Magnus Karlsson are continually experimenting to find new flavours, such as when 300 kilos of raspberries from a nearby grower turned into 4500 bottles of raspberry beer. It fit perfectly as a drink in a champagne glass.

Brygghus 19, Karlshamn.
Blekinge's oldest restaurant

- fantastic food in a historically beautiful setting

Karön is Ronneby's archipelago island, and it takes only 5 minutes to get there by the Kallebåten from Ekenäs. Enjoy excellent food in Switzerland or coffee at Villa Vassen. Why not stay for a few days in the holiday village and relax with fishing and swimming? It feels special to be in a place with so much history, as Switzerland is Blekinge's oldest restaurant.

Villa Vassen, Ronneby.

Flavours & experiences

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