Smaka på Blekinge

White Guide

A food scene

- with star flavors

There are beautiful views throughout Blekinge, but the question is whether there are experiences through the taste buds that create even stronger memories? Blekinge is a real paradise for the gourmand - not least if you go for the share of quotations in the White Guide.

Master chef Patrik Trydefeldt,, with a food trip through Blekinge


Visenten - Eriksberg

A Swedish gourmet safari with everyting from a plate of wild delicacies to fresh turbot.

Guöviksvägen 353, Trensum

Skeppsbrokajen 4, Karlskrona



Landbron Food & Bevarage

Karlkrona's hippest place complements a deli restaurant.

Landbron 1, Karlskrona

White Guide - Landbron - Blekinge



Restaurant &Vin

With its location right next to the quayside it is set for a glass of bubbles in the sunset.

Pirgatan 15, Karlshamn

White Guide - Restaurang & Vin - Blekinge



Gourmet Grön

Great lunch buffet with vegetarian options as well as a barbecue buffet.

Biblioteksgatan 6, Karlshamn



Ritz Conditori

Great sourdough bread and pastries in all its forms.

Stortorget 3-5, Sölvesborg

White Guide - Café Ritz - Blekinge



Café Mandeltårtan

The character of coffee on the porch with delicious pastries next to Ronnebyån

Fridhemsvägen 2, Ronneby

White Guide - Café Mandeltårtan - Blekinge



Café Sött & Salt

Popular prawn sandwiches and good berry pies served directly at the sea

Hamnen, Kristianopel