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Do you hear of those who put up the itinerary and holiday plans for dining experiences and the gourmet guides' tips? Then we guess you have full control at the café and restaurant guide White guide. But do you know that you can check out several restaurants and cafes on their list when you come to us in Blekinge? That is the case anyway. And it is said that memories of flavours and scents are the ones that sit most deeply, so get yourself some tasteful holiday memories from Blekinge - here are ten places you should forget.


Blekinge's best

... according to the White Guide and others who know


1. Restaurant Havsörnen at Eriksberg - Trensum

That there is the food of a really high class at Eriksberg surprises nobody. It feels quite logical that the restaurant Havsörnen uses the pantry that is on the farm - the forest, the lakes, the sea and the garden, but also of the best in the raw material route from the local area and the occasional long-distance ingredient. Only the best is good enough if you want to create well-prepared gourmet food with that little extra. And you want it here! The environment is soberly elegant and the view of the savannah magnificent.



2. Café Mandeltårtan - Ronneby

Here, it is served, of course, almond cakes and other delicious pastries, made from organic ingredients. And the coffee is brewed on carefully selected beans from the very best roasters. New for 2019 is the own bakery where magical food bread is fermented and baked, and more inexpensive options on the brunch and lunch menu. The café is located in the verdant Brunnsparken, in one of the beautiful old wooden villas with glass veranda and immense dose charm. The interior is at the same time, tastefully thought out and homely.

Café Mandeltårtan i Ronneby, Karlshamn

Café Mandeltårtan.



3. Restaurant &Vin - Karlshamn

There are at least two things that are phenomenal with the Restaurant & Wine - the food and the location right next to the quay edge. Why not enjoy the first glass of the evening directly on the pier's pier outside the restaurant window. Restaurant & Wine offers a first-class tasting menu for those who are looking for new taste combinations with a local touch. & Wine never stops to surprise and provides taste experiences that remain and give an added taste. Book a table here - Restaurang &Vin

Restaurang &Vin, Karlshamn, Blekinge

Restaurag &Vin.



4. Ritz Konditori - Sölvesborg

Real butter, real vanilla and quality chocolate. You can always count on it when you buy pastries from the Ritz Patisserie, a White Guide favourite for years. Magic Levain bread, buns and baguettes are further examples of food crafts from the department at Stortorget in Sölvesborg. Moderate sandwiches, salads and sandwich cake saturate the hungry and if you want to be sure of the success of the cheese, order the cake from the Ritz.



5. Sjörök - Karlskrona

Sjörök has a perfect location at the marina. In the restaurant that first opened the doors in 2012 but was born again in 2018, you can enjoy a glass and a lighter meal at the bar or eat a three-course with exceptional ingredients from land and sea. The inspiration comes from all the corners of the world, but everything is equally well done. Also, the knowledge of, and the love of, wine is excellent here. The wine cellar impresses the feelers, see what you think - book a test with friends. sjörö

Restaurang Sjörök, Karlskrona

Sjörök, Karlskrona.



6. Systrarna Lindqvist Café och Surdegsbageri - Karlskrona

This is an eco-certified bakery and cafe that does not cheat with anything. Everything is done from scratch with excellent raw materials, and sourdough pieces of bread are made on their own fresh dough. The couple who run the business have several outstanding medals from the SM in food crafts, and their semlor has been chosen to Karlskrona's best on several occasions - 2012. 2014, 2015 and 2018. Cafét has a cosy, old-fashioned style with odd copper and friendly atmosphere.



7. Café Sött & Salt - Kristianopel

Many people think that the idyllic Kristianopel is a must during the Blekinge visit and we dare to say that ice cream, coffee or meal at Café Sött & Salt is mandatory. You may end up in the harbour and café's menu, with locally produced ingredients and carefully prepared food and goodies, no one will disappoint. Most appreciated are the shrimp sandwiches and the berry pies, the excellent service and the view of Blekinge's beautiful water.



8. Vinberga Vinkiosk - Karlskrona

Vinberga Vinkiosk is a piece of countryside in the centre of central Karlskrona and probably the county's most modern restaurant right now, in the most positive sense of the word. Here, the locally produced raw materials and the seasons are at the centre. And the experience, of course. The gang behind the restaurant wants to open our minds and start from what they think is delicious food. Here are presented pure flavours and unexpected combinations in an excellent and new way. The room is small but nicely good, the atmosphere warm and familiar. Since February 2019, there is also a bar wall. Don't miss Vinberga!


9. Restaurant Visenten at Eriksberg - Trensum

Want wild flavours? Dine on the Visent! The Visent is, like Havsörnen, one of the restaurants at the Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve. Quality is an important word in the restaurant that focuses on well-prepared Swedish food, and you can enjoy sumptuous breakfast, lunch - even on the weekend - and dinner in the stylish premises. The weekend is a perfect choice for those who want to celebrate something or someone in an environment with that little extra. Because it's something special to step out onto the beautiful courtyard and take a walk in the park after a delicious meal. Treat yourself to an Eriksberg



10. Wägga Fisk & Delikatesser - Karlshamn

This is a Blekinge classic which has acquired a safe place in the heart of many long-distance and short-stay guests. The menu includes freshly fried, fresh fish, smoked goodies and seafood favourites such as wine cooked blue mussels and other well-prepared seafood, food that is enjoyed at the pier in Vägga fiskhamns marina. It is a good idea to buy home a smoked delicacy or two from the smoker's shop and to have a look at the catering menu's seafood platter when you are going to arrange food for many. You can find the list here