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Tasty holiday memories for foodies

Do you set up the itinerary and make holiday plans according to gourmet guides' recommendations? If so, you ought to have a close eye on the Swedish restaurant guide “White guide” and try out some of the listed restaurants and cafés in Blekinge, during your stay here. And since it has been said that the memories of aromas and scents stick the deepest, you won’t forget the great tasting experiences any time soon. If ever!


The best of Blekinge

... according to White Guide and other connoisseurs


Café Mandeltårtan


Mandeltårta = Almond cake and those are of course on the menu alongside other delicious pastries, made from organic ingredients. And the coffee is brewed on carefully selected beans from the absolute best roasteries. The café has its own bakery and also serve brunch and lunch. Mandeltårtan is located in the lush Brunnsparken, in one of the beautiful old wooden villas with a glass veranda and a large dose of charm. The inside? A combo of tasteful hand-picked details and a homely feel.

Café Mandeltårtan i Ronneby, Karlshamn



Ritz Konditori


Real butter, proper vanilla and high-quality chocolate, three things you can always count on when buying pastries from Ritz patisserie, a White guide favorite for several years. Magical Levain bread, buns and baguettes are further examples of food crafts from the establishment on Stortorget in Sölvesborg. Sandwiches, salads and sandwich cake satiate the hungry and if you’re looking for a guaranteed success for a festive celebration, make sure you order the cake from Ritz.





Sjörök has a perfect location by the marina. In the restaurant, first opened in 2012 and reborn in 2018, you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer and a light meal in the bar, or go for a three-course meal with fine ingredients from land and sea. The menu is inspired by cuisine from all corners of the world, all dishes equally well-made. In addition, the staff has a great knowledge, and love, of, wine. Connoisseurs are often impressed by Sjörök’s wine cellar – book a tasting with friends and make yourself an opinion.


Restaurang Sjörök, Karlskrona




Restaurang Havsörnen


The fact that top-of-the-line food is being served at Eriksberg probably surprises no one. It feels completely logical that restaurant Havsörnen uses the pantry of the farm - the forest, the lakes, the sea and the garden, but also the best products from the local area and the occasional long-distance ingredient. Only the best is good enough if you aim to create well-cooked gourmet food with that extra something. And that is exactly what they aim for at Havsörnen. The ambiance is elegant, and the view of the savannah, nothing but magnificent.



Systrarna Lindqvist Café & surdegsbageri


This is an eco-certified bakery and café that does not cut any corners, whatsoever. Everything is made from scratch with quality ingredients and the sourdough bread is made from rye sourdough. The couple who run the business have several shiny medals from the Swedish Championships in food crafts and their Semla (a traditional Swedish pastry) have been crowned Karlskrona's best on multiple occasions. The café has a cozy, old-fashioned style featuring odd coffee cups and a nice atmosphere.






That’s amore! Antonio’s is all about the love for Karlskrona and Italy. Here, on Borgmästarkajen in central Karlskrona, people can meet and enjoy the view of the bay, Neapolitan pizza, fresh pasta and other Italian favorites. And the ice cream – locally produced gelato, what else?

White Guide about their experience at Antonio’s: “With tasty homemade pasta and a lot of amore, Antonios has won the hearts of Karlskrona’s residents. A veranda with a view, polished brass and the white marble countertop, refer more to Milan than to Naples, but the “pizzaiolo” has just moved here from Naples and the Pizza Margherita is a taste-explosion of San Marzano tomatoes and creamy mozzarella. Antonio's menu is inspired by the family dinners of southern Italy, going on for hours, serving a string of delicacies, from antipasto to dolce.



Kai Krog


On Björkholmskajen with a pier view towards the water and Saltö, you’ll find KAI krog with a nice interior and exciting flavors. The word kai means joy and pleasure. The restaurant Kai creates dishes with the whole of Asia (Japan in particular) as a source of inspiration. Tokyo-educated Robert and his crew are developing a Nordic/Japanese kitchen where Scandinavian ingredients of the highest class play the main role, only in a slightly different company than we are used to.

Here is an excerpt from the White Guide review of KAI: “The menu consists of well-known Japanese classics of mainly Swedish ingredients. The dishes are divided into small, medium and large – to be composed according to your level of hunger and your mood. Salty croquetas beneath a ”hill” of finely shredded green onions and coriander. A bao bun with a creamy lobster salad get’s a twist from salt-pickled lemon. Get here early, you will probably want to stay for a long time while dusk descends over Saltö's old fishing port and the bay.




Vinberga Vinkiosk


Vinberga Vinkiosk has character and a refreshing simplicity. It is hearty, easy going and all things served here are well-cooked. Taste is the main focus, ingeniously evoked from each of the locally produced ingredients. And almost as big an issue – the wine. The former kiosk has grown into a dining room and bar, but the basic idea and feel are the same. Want to know what to expect from Vinkiosken?

The foodie from White Guide gives you a picturesque description: >“The menu is fixed, applies to everyone around the table and is far from convenient. Elias in the kitchen highlights the season and a “fearless mixer”, as when a tender, grilled squid from the Kattegat is accompanied by sweet chicory and wild cabbage on a base of creamy Catalan romesco sauce made from the season's last tomatoes from Nättraby and Marcon almonds. The grand finale – plum curd and a dash of ricotta made from Solbacka-milk, state the grown-up feel of nya Vinberga Vinkiosk”.



Wägga Fisk & Delikatessrökeri


This restaurant is a Blekinge classic that has gained a spot in the hearts of many long- and short-distance guests. The menu includes fried, fresh fish, smoked delicacies and seafood favorites such as Moules frites, and other well-cooked dishes from the sea, all enjoyed at the pier in the Vägga marina. Buy some smoked delicacies from the smokehouse's shop before you leave and check out the seafood plateau options on the catering menu – a great choice for dinner parties and celebrations.

Wägga Fisk & Delikatessrökeri i Karlshamn, Blekinge

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