Östersjöfestivalen i Karlshamn, Blekinge

Cities in Blekinge

Blekinge is a breathtaking landscape with a vast lush archipelago and a myriad of picturesque cobblestones, islands and islets. Along the coast there are five cities to discover, perfect for shopping, enjoying performing arts and eating good food. The largest town Karlskrona is located on the island of Trossö, a strategic location for manifesting the position of power near Denmark and the European continent. Today, the war town of Karlskrona is well-visited for its shopping, archipelago traffic, guided tours and beautiful architecture.

Tyska kyrkan i Karlskrona
The Trinity Church in Karlskrona.


Coastal Cities

Blekinge's towns are like a pearl band along the coast, and from the cities, regular tours go out into the archipelago. Island-hopping, seeking adventure and enjoying good food on an island. Overnight and live archipelago life. Take the boat into town and shop, go to a festival or stroll through the streets and squares. It is accessible to vacation in Blekinge. You can spend the day as it comes, accessibility makes it easy to be. Read more here - Islands & archipelago



Shopping in Blekinge is a pleasant experience. Here you will find plenty of crafts and trendy objects. The stores are at the forefront and equipped with the best buy of the season. Coffee and relax before heading out on your next shopping trip. Combine utility with pleasure in natural, historical environments. Make it a total experience when you discover parts of Blekinge.

Karlskrona Lampfabrik i Blekinge
Karlskrona Building Care & Interior.


Guided tours

When in any of the cities, take the opportunity to book a city tour or guided tour. The enthusiastic and well-read guides offer stories from both past and present, all spiced up with anecdotes and did you know that? The tours give a new dimension to how the cities have grown, and an added value to your experience in the present. Here you will find all - Guided tours in Blekinge


Protectors of cities

Want to experience a fantastic guided tour at sea? Then you should book the guided tour to Kungsholms Fort which with its circular harbour has become a symbol of Karlskrona as a world heritage site and which served as a protection for the city and the country. Along the walls of the fort, exotic plants thrive from all corners of the earth brought there by the navy's long-range vessels. 2,000 people worked on building the fortress carved of stone from ruined fortresses and limestone from Öland. The outer wall is almost 2.5 half meters thick. There is also a "peace roof" made of wood that could easily be removed if needed.

Boka en guidad tur till Kungsholms Fort i Blekinge
Kungsholms Fortress in Karlskrona archipelago.

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