Cities in Blekinge, southern Sweden - Visit Blekinge

Cities in Blekinge

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Blekinge is an exciting landscape with vast lush archipelago, a mill of picturesque islands, copper and cuts. Explore the islands at your own pace and end it with visits to cities with shopping and good food. It gives equal parts of calm, new impressions and sea breeze. Here you get all the experiences in one and the same landscape.


Inland, there is lush greenery, lots of beautiful lakes and rivers, hiking trails and the opportunity to go for a swim, fish and stand-up paddle. One of the cities - Olofström - is beautifully embedded in Sweden's southernmost wilderness. With only four miles from north to south, just over eleven from east to west, it is always close to exciting excursions and shopping streets in Blekinge towns. The trip to the good little farm shop, the interesting museum or the golf course's inviting greens is always close and just a short drive away. In Blekinge you can reach all experiences within a few hours radius by car and that's wow! Come to spend your vacation here! There is something for everyone!