Kreativum Science Center in Karlshamn


Kreativum is a Science Center for curious people of all ages, a fantastic house filled with the joy of exploration and aha experiences. Kreativum is just over 2,000 square meters of experiences with about 170 "test-on" stations. Here is a variety of activities and is a perfect destination for the whole family, all year round. Here are challenges for both the bud and the body. If you want to catch up with everything, we recommend a full day!


2 floors

- and a park filled with experiences!
In our own universe, you will find our solar system and all planets. Take a tour of our space capsule. Examine how high you can jump on the dwarf planet Pluto and examine how much a milk package weighs on Jupiter. Explore facts and fun on our virtual moon.
Kreativum Science Center i Karlshamn, Blekinge
Anatomy and health

Here you can test your senses and reactivity. Challenge yourself in perception and speed in the reaction wall and in the goalie game. Try to sit on nails in the fakir chairs and play a truce lap on the music table. Combine colour and exciting sounds in Synaesthetica, our virtual painting experience.

Kreativum Science Center i Karlshamn, Blekinge


Sustainability and environment

Here you can follow the forest's cycle from small plant to tree and the tree's path from wood to paper. Start with felling in our forest machine and try to be a log in the sawmill yourself. Every day you can also make your own paper and take it home with you. Compete in photosynthesis and get the right balance or test your skills in the waste sorting game.

Kreativum Science Center i Karlshamn, Blekinge



Science and research

Under science and research, we have gathered what is about physical phenomena, different principles that exist in our world and things that man has discovered and developed. Check the golden rule of the mechanics in the tug-of-war box and learn how the gyro effect works in a bicycle wheel. Let an emoji rise in a tube by blowing right. Challenge someone or yourself in the hubbub of geometric figures. There are many, some more difficult than others.
Kreativum Science Center i Karlshamn, Blekinge
Kreapark is our outdoor park - an oasis located on a green island and peninsula in Mieån at the back of Kreativum. Here are fountains that you can run into and a raft that you can pull you through the water with the help of a rope. There is also a tunnel where you can crawl over the water. Clear the Archimedes screw and test your balance in the No-Touch ground path. Swing with a friend in the resonance swing and discover how you both affect each other's speed. Kreapark is excellent to have a picnic in, bring along or you buy in our cafe.
Kreativum Science Center i Karlshamn, Blekinge
Kreativum Science Center i Karlshamn, Blekinge
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Var med i vår sportlovstävling Kod-jakten! Delta i jakten på sex stora tänkare och innovatörer som har gjort storverk genom sina uppfinningar. Kan du knäcka koden som öppnar den magiska skattkistan? Tävlingen pågår under hela sportlovet på Kreativum. Vi lottar ut tre årskort för en person efter lovet. Varje dag har du också chansen att vinna en elektrisk boll. Vinnaren dras varje dag cirka kl. 15.30 och annonseras ut i högtalarna. Ett stort tack till årskurs 5 på Sternöskolan i Karlshamn som har skapat underlaget till tävlingen! #kreativum #visitkarlshamn #visitblekinge #karlshamn #sportlov #sciencecenter #kodjakten
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Nyfiken på att experimentera med el? Koppla sladdar, lampor och batterier och se vad som händer. Här får du använda ballonger, lampor, ledningstråd, batterier, puffat ris, modellera, spik och mycket annat. Vår elverkstad är öppen varje dag mellan kl. 11.30-14.00 på sportlovet. #kreativum #visitkarlshamn #visitblekinge #karlshamn #sportlov #sciencecenter #elexperiment
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Vad är egentligen elektricitet? Vad är en Van der Graaf-generator? Vilka material leder ström? Kom till vår elshow och lär dig mer om el. Måndag-fredag kl 13 på Kreativum. #kreativum #sportlov #visitkarlshamn #visitblekinge #karlshamn #sciencecenter #elshow