Flowtrailbana för cykling i Sölvesborg
Flowtrail cykelbana på Ryssberget i Sölvesborg.

On wheels in Sölvesborg

Are you planning an active family outing? Do you like cycling?

Why not follow Patrik’s and Jack’s example and take a trip to Sölvesborg! As of autumn 2022, Sölvesborg is an absolute cycling mecca with a newly built Pump track at the Svarta led area as well as a new Flow trail through the forest on Ryssberget. Superb facilities that have quickly become very well visited. Read more about the initiative and the tracks - Pump track and Skills track in Sölvesborg

A review from Patrik & Jack 

One day early in November, we headed to Sölvesborg, aiming for adrenaline-filled cycling for nine-year-old Jack. Our first stop was the Flowtrail course on Ryssberget and it did not disappoint. The course wriggles its way down the mountain and Jack cycled the 1.3 kilometers over and over again, and I ran along – took the banked curves at the top and skittered over the jumps. The trail was really something extra! Since Jack's bike is far from extreme, the speed was just right for a premiere ride, but each lap was both faster and bolder than the previous one. Great! In addition to the allure of the speed downwards, I also got to practice uphill running on the way back to the start. A nice exercise session in the forest, we sure enjoy those!

Cykling på Flowtrainbanan i Sölvesborg.

Pumptrack cykelbana i Sölvesborg.


In the afternoon we headed to the new addition no 2 – the Pumptrack at Svarta Led. Wow, it was really cool as well! Optimized for BMX-riding and all of a sudden Jack's slightly smaller bike was an advantage as he whizzed around the hills, curves and drops of the track. It was a bit crowded here, but it was still a wonderful experience. We couldn't resist trying the nearby MTB loop as the finale of a perfect day of cycling in Sölvesborg. Most of all, we enjoyed the Flowtrail where there were fewer people and more space to enjoy the experience. Curious? Go there and try it out – get your wheels spinning, break a sweat and feel the allure of speed. The new cycling experiences in Sölvesborg sure get the thumbs up from us both.


Pumptrack cykelbana i Sölvesborg.

Photos by Patrik Jonsson.


During last year, there was an addition of several new, ambitious restaurants, well worth a visit, in Sölvesborg. Enjoy a traditional-with-a-twist lunch at PEPS at Stortorget and recharge with new energy between cycling experiences. If you are in to moules frites, fish and seafood, you should definitely check out the cozy restaurant Skeppsbron when it's time for dinner. Well-prepared food and top-class hospitality in lovely premises.

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After an active day with great food, you will fall asleep like a baby. And you sleep especially well in the rooms at Hotel Humbla in central Sölvesborg. There is something about the warmth and atmosphere of the grand mayor's villa from 1903. And the breakfast is delicious!

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