Fira höstlovet i Blekinge
Fira höstlovet och Halloween i Blekinge

Autumn holidays in Blekinge

Autumn break is approaching - what would you and your family like to do?

As autumn approaches, the weather can be quite chilly or sunny and crisp, making it the perfect opportunity to explore everything that Blekinge has to offer.

Let the weather and mood decide whether you want to explore exciting museums, fascinating exhibitions, and tricky experiments, or simply spend the days outdoors with barbecues, lovely bridge walks, and adventures in nature. Or perhaps even something spooky and chilling for the brave family.

Book your autumn break in Blekinge and create fantastic memories together with us.

Fun Indoor Activities

- during gloomy autumn break days

Dive into history and treasures. Discover exciting shipwrecks and uncovered gold treasures at Kallvattenkuren. Explore the Maritime Museum and Blekinge Museum, don't miss the treasure chamber and archive at Rosenolm. Let your imagination run wild at Boda Borg and be fascinated by knowledge at the Kreativum Science Center.

Marinmuseum och Blekinge Museum
Marinmuseum and Blekinge Museum.



Coffee Breaks for Everyone

Take a break and enjoy delicious pastries at Café Mandeltårtan in Ronneby. Here, the whole family can relax and recharge for the next adventure. Nearby, you'll find Naturum and Kallvattenkuren, just across the bridge in Ronneby Brunnspark.

Naturums besökscentrum, fika på Café Mandeltårtan med den vackra Ronneby Brunnsparken intill.
Visit the Nature Center, and enjoy a coffee break at Café Mandeltårtan, located next to the beautiful Ronneby Brunnsparken.



Accommodation suitable for the whole family

Treat yourselves to a relaxing stay together at Ronneby Brunn Hotel with a playroom for the children and a spa for the adults, not to mention a treat table for the little ones. For the adventurous family, Dragsö Camping is the perfect choice, offering outdoor activities and proximity to the charming center of Karlskrona with its beautiful World Heritage buildings.

Ronneby Brunn Hotell
Ronneby Brunn Hotel catering to the needs of the whole family.

Autumn Outdoor Activities

- during crisp autumn days

Discover the ARK56 trails in Sölvesborg

Blekinge's picturesque landscape becomes even more enticing in its autumn attire. Set out on the latest ARK56 trails in Sölvesborg, which are part of the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve. Explore trails at Listershuvud and Stiby

ARK56 Höstlovet i Blekinge
Download the ARK56 app for an interactive map with interconnected trails.



Exciting Nature Adventures in Olofström

Give the whole family an autumn adventure by hiking the Halenrundan trail (5.7 km) in Olofström. Pass by the impressive 83-meter-long suspension bridge, Frickabron, which attracts visitors from near and far. Bring some snacks and enjoy picnic spots along the way. Extra fun for Halloween: Explore some of the trails with reflectors for thrilling night hikes!


Hyr kanoter, kajaker och SUP hos Halen Kanotcentral vid sjön och paddla under Frickabron i Olosfröm.
Rent canoes, kayaks, and SUPs at Halen Kanotcentral by the lake and paddle under Frickabron in Olofström.



Halloweek at Dragsö Camping in Karlskrona

Throughout week 44, Dragsö Camping transforms into a spooky place with visits from ghosts, spiders, and skeletons. Play horror golf or why not try a Hallo-combo with both mini-golf and billiard golf? The mini-golf course is an abandoned Karlskrona in miniature, and the billiard golf is a graveyard. During Halloweek, there is also a creepy quiz walk around Dragsö. Perhaps some scary creatures live in the forest? Why not act as a detective in our Murder Mystery.

Halloweek på Dragsö Camping i Karlskrona
Halloweek at Dragsö Camping in Karlskrona, Blekinge



Enjoy nature and wild flavors at Eriksberg

Outdoor Eriksberg is located at the entrance to Eriksberg Hotel & Safari Park in Trensum, north of Karlshamn. Here, you can start the walk that provides you with a wonderful nature experience along the beautiful Kohage trail, but remember that you cannot go around and must turn back the same way. Purchase the grill package with Eriksberg's own wild boar sausage and take a food break in the Grill Hut outside the shop. Need to stretch your legs? Play for a while on the hill.

Fira höstlovet på Eriksberg, Blekinge
Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark.



Pump Track Course - Thrilling Rides in Sölvesborg

Does your family enjoy cycling, scootering, or skateboarding? Do you want to try it on a winding and hilly paved track? Head to Sölvesborg and the brand new pump track at Svarta Leds Idrottscenter. Here, you "pump" yourself around using the momentum from curves and hills. All you need is a BMX, rollerblades, kick scooter, skateboard, or anything else on wheels (but without a motor). You can also try the flow trail course at Ryssberget. Check it out and join in! Read about the pump track course.



Play and Fun at Storlekplatsen

Get ready for laughter and play at Storlekplatsen. This fantastic playground has something for all ages. Balls, climbing, and play await you at this location. Bring a delicious picnic and enjoy a cozy autumn day with the whole family.




Explore nature and culture in Sölvesborg

Visit Sölvesborg Bridge and experience the echoes of history at the Castle Ruins. Conquer Ryssberget with the connected beech forest. Cycle the Flow Trail through the beautiful countryside.

Outdoorupplevelser i Sölvesborg under höstlovet
Outdoor cooking på stranden, cykla Flowtrail i bokskogen på Ryssberget och njut av den upplysta Sölvesborgsbron.Outdoor cooking on the beach, cycle the Flow Trail in the beech forest at Ryssberget, and enjoy the illuminated Sölvesborg Bridge.


Autumn Break Events for the Whole Family

Discover kid-friendly events throughout Blekinge

To provide you and your children with the best autumn break experience, we have compiled a list of exciting events in Blekinge. From creative craft workshops to historical mysteries and nocturnal adventures with teddy bears - there is something for all ages. Explore the autumn break here in Blekinge! 🍂🎃📚

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