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Enjoy autumn in Blekinge!

Autumn break-season is closing in – what are you and your loved ones up for? This time of year, the Swedish weather can be absolutely horrible; or sunny and crispy to an extent that makes you want to stay outside forever. How great that Blekinge has plenty of lovely autumn days to offer both indoors and outdoors. On this page, we’ve gathered useful information on package deals and offers, events, activities and great experiences.

Just get your “pack” to Blekinge and let the weather and your mood decide whether your day will be spent in museums, exhibitions, perhaps crafting and experimenting, or spent in nature, barbecuing, hiking and bridge-exploring. Or maybe have a ghastly and wonderfully creepy experience … it’s Halloween you know.

Blekinge is the best spot for it all – see you around!

The best spot for rainy autumn days

läskig man på boda boo
Blekinge museum
båt på Marinmuseum


Create some great indoor memories

Kallvattenkuren in Ronneby Brunnspark
Experience the exciting stories about the Danish king's flagship, Gribshunden, which ran aground in the waters of Blekinge. Get to know medieval Ronneby and look at “guldgubbarna” and the treasures in Vång. A group of people are working hard to turn the exhibition in Kallvattenkuren into a "real" museum. Read more and plan your visit.


Marinmuseum (The naval museum) in Karlskrona – dark, exciting and fun
Här hittar du alla höstlovs- och familjeaktiviteter på Marinmuseum
Dark mission: The submarine Hajen is in distress in the blacked-out submarine hall. Can you save it? With the help of a flashlight, you’ll find the clues you need.
Tricky Knots: Playful learning about knots used by sailors for thousands of years. There are loads of varieties, how many do you master? Knots are fun and a little tricky, welcome to the knot workshop!
Guest visit by Teater Trampolin: Safari, space travel, flea circus etc. – can this really be the most boring play imaginable? Come and check out “Because we're bored”.


LEGO-fever at Kreativum in Karlshamn
Get warmed up at Kreativum this autumn break! Move about, crack codes, investigate, experiment, figure things out, duel and challenge your friends in the reaction wall. In the planetarium Kreanova, the film Satelix is shown but otherwise there is a big focus on all things LEGO at Kreativum during the autumn holidays. Opening hours and further information.


Boda Booooo – a creepy cell adventure in Karlskrona
Every year during autumn break, the Boda Borg building is filled with ghosts and scary creatures. They hide where you least expect it and amuse themselves by scaring the wits out of the guests. The result is a creepy but completely unique Halloween experience that is loved by many. Do you have the guts to come? ATTENTION! Ghost-free in the mornings but crazy scary from 3pm-11.30pm. Visit Boda boo 

The best spot for crisp and sunny autumn days

barn som plockar svamp
pumpagubbe under Halloween
Frickabron cykla eller vandra
grilla med barnen


Enjoy the outdoors

ARK56 – the new trails in Sölvesborg
This summer, Sölvesborg became a part of the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve and ARK56, which is its network of trails, got three new hubs as well as several new trails. Why not try out a trail at Listershuvud, Stiby Backe or go hiking on the island of Hanö off season? Learn more and plan your trip by using the ARK56 app.


Halenrundan & Frickabron – hike in Olofström
In Sweden's Southernmost Wilderness, the whole family can hike Halenrundan (5.7 km) and get a wonderfully exciting experience on the 83 m long suspension bridge Frickabron, which has become a real crowd puller since its opening in 2020. There are plenty of rest areas and barbecue opportunities here, so pack and plan for a lunch or “fika” break.

Halloween bonus: Since some of the trails at Halen are marked with reflectors, you can hike them at night as well, using a headlamp or flashlight. Contact Visit Olofström for current information and details.


Halloweek at Dragsö camping in Karlskrona
Throughout week 44, Dragsö camping is transformed into a ghastly place with visits from ghosts, spiders and skeletons. The miniature golf course is now a model of a post- apocalyptic Karlskrona and the pool golf course, a cemetery. During Halloweek there is also an eerie quiz walk around Dragsö and the possibility to play the detective in a Murder Mystery. Read more and book your accommodation.


Enjoy nature by Eriksberg
Outdoor Eriksberg is located at the entrance to Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark in Trensum north of Karlshamn. It’s a great place to start a hike along the beautiful Kohageleden. Get the barbecue-package with Eriksberg's own wild boar sausage and prepare your meal in the barbecue-hut outside the store.


The pumptrack – fast-paced rides in Sölvesborg
Are you fans of cycling, kick biking or skatboarding? Do you want to try doing it on a winding and hilly paved track? Come to Sölvesborg and the brand new pump track at Svarta Leds Idrottscenter. On this track you "pump" your way around using the speed from curves and hills. All you need is a BMX, roller skates, a kick bike, a skateboard or anything else on wheels (without a motor). Shortly a new flowtrail track on Ryssberget will also be available. Check it out and go pumping! Read about the pumptrack course

Package deals & offers

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What more is going on during autumn break?

There are loads of nice, fun. lovely and exciting events and activities to consider, this time of year as well. Pick and choose – you simply can’t loose!

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