Blekinges Vildmarksäventyr
Blekinges Vildmarksäventyr

Adventure in Blekinge's Wilderness

Blekinge's nature, a diversity within reach for outdoor adventures.

In Blekinge, a world of nature's treasures unfolds, from the archipelago, islands, and the Biosphere Reserve that is the Blekinge Archipelago, to the lake-rich wilderness of Olofström, Sweden's southernmost. All within just over an hour's drive. With short distances, there is always proximity to activities, accommodations, destinations, and attractions.

In our guide, discover tips on scenic and exciting trails for cycling, hiking, and paddling year-round. Don't miss out on downloading the Ark56 app, a digital interactive map showcasing the entire range. Get tips on trails along with facilities like shelters, kayak spots, and beach landings.


Blekinges Vildmarksäventyr
Blekinge, where every outdoor adventure becomes a close and authentic experience.

Invigorating Forest Walks

Start the new year with refreshing outdoor activities through forest walks and hikes. Here in the southeastern part of Sweden, lush forests, idyllic lakes, and a breathtaking coastline await you. Explore our three handpicked hiking options and experience the power of nature in January.

1. Journey through the heart of Blekinge: The impressive 270 km-long Blekinge Trail extends from Sölvesborg in the west to Bröms in the east. With its orange markings, it takes you through the entire Blekinge region, traversing forests and heights with stunning views. In January, the peaceful atmosphere in the woods offers a unique experience. Learn more about the Blekinge Trail.


Blekinge trail
Blekinge trail trough Blekinge.

2. Coastal hike on Wämö: Explore the 10.5 km-long Wämö Trail on Wämö in Karlskrona, also known as "Blekinge's fortress." Hiking along the water, through the forest, and past historical buildings provides a diverse and charming experience. Discover the Wämö Trail.

3. Nature variation in Ronneby: For a shorter but diverse hike, choose the 7 km-long Lyckå Trail in Ronneby. Walk through Brunnskogen and enjoy grazed meadows, beech forests, and picturesque sea views. More about the Ronnebyslingor.


Vandra i Blekinge - ett riktigt naturäventyr

Regardless of which trail you choose, you will be able to enjoy the soothing power of the forest and experience the untouched natural surroundings of Blekinge. Plan your January excursion today and indulge in the best of winter freshness.

Bring Your Dog Along

Explore Blekinge's hiking trails with your four-legged friend. Here, you'll receive tips and advice for a pleasant nature adventure with your dog.

Winter Camping in Blekinge

Blekinge, with its scenic archipelago and beautiful landscapes, offers several campsites where you can enjoy winter experiences. Here are some campsites in the region that are open during the winter:

1. Hälleviks Camping: Nestled by the sea, Hälleviks Camping provides a tranquil environment for stargazing and relaxation. Bring your caravan, camper, or book a cabin to enjoy the clear winter skies.

2. Halens Camping: If you want to combine camping with nature experiences in the heart of the wilderness, Halens Camping is an excellent choice. Camp, unwind, and enjoy the Halens Nature Reserve, recognized for its abundant outdoor activities.

3. Year-round Campsites via Camping Sydost: These campsites offer amenities even during the winter. Explore hiking trails, picturesque villages, and take advantage of a fantastic offer: Stay for two nights and get the third night free. Learn more about the offer here - Camping Sydost.

So, pack your warm clothes, a telescope for stargazing, and venture into the winter landscapes of Blekinge!

Utforska Blekinge vinteröppna campingar som erbjuder spännande Outdoor-äventyr i snöklädda landskap.
Explore Blekinge's winter-open campgrounds offering thrilling outdoor adventures in snow-covered landscapes.


Outdoor-Cooking is Also an Adventure!

Outdoor-cooking i Blekinge året om

Year-round outdoor cooking is a flavorful journey through nature's kitchen for outdoor enthusiasts. Get inspired by the article - "Outdoor Cooking by Nature" by Andreas.


Discover the Exceptional Beauty of Laxaleden

We posed some questions to outdoor enthusiasts Matilda Edvardsson and Håkan Abramsson about their experiences on Laxaleden - the 30 km long hiking trail in Blekinge.

With picturesque farmland and woodland, the trail provides a unique insight into the area's history and culture. Here, the two running colleagues enthusiastically share how Laxaleden is not just a physical journey through nature but also a deep dive into Blekinge's rich stories and cultural heritage.

Experience Ice Fishing in Blekinge

Welcome to the serene nature of Blekinge, where ice fishing at the glistening lakes and tranquil surroundings invites you to engage in responsible fishing. Join us in creating a fishing adventure that respects the ecosystem - connect with the fishing clubs in Blekinge to receive the latest guidelines.




Adventure in Halen

Save the Date for the Adventure in Halen Nature Reserve #savethedate

In early May, "Adventure Halen" awaits, a day filled with try-out adventures in the Halen Nature Reserve in Olofström. Explore the 4.5-kilometer loop that embraces the wilderness and Lake Halen.

The new bridge and newly created trails provide the opportunity to explore outdoor life in the lake-rich Olofström in a new way. Here, you can rent a canoe, paddle in the lake system, fish, and stay overnight at Halens Camping or Brokamåla Gård.

If you prefer to be closer to the center, there are several hotels and accommodations to choose from. You can also book accommodation in the quiet of the forest and the feeling of being in the midst of a fairy tale: Svarta Huset has everything for a relaxing stay with nature just outside the door.

Stargazing in Blekinge

Stargazing is a fantastic activity that allows us to explore the magical night sky. In Blekinge, as everywhere, here are some tips to make your stargazing in January a memorable experience:

1. Choose a perfect location to see as much of the sky as possible. Look for a high-elevated spot without tall trees or buildings. Dark areas like mountains and beaches are ideal for stargazing.


Stjärnskådning längs kusten i Blekinge

2. Acclimate to the darkness and use a red flashlight to avoid having your eyes adjust to the darkness each time. Red light doesn't affect night vision as much as white light does.

3. Dress warmly. Cold evenings are often the clearest. Wear multiple layers of clothing so you can adjust as needed.

4. Use a star map or an app like OSR Star Finder. These tools help you identify constellations and planets in the sky.

5. Start small; you don't need a telescope right away. A pair of binoculars is a good first step. Learn to recognize patterns in the sky and expand your knowledge from there.

6. Choose the perfect time. The position of the stars varies over time. Start near a new moon and pick cold evenings with low humidity for the best visibility.

7. Enjoy the adventure and don't worry if you don't recognize everything right away. The night sky changes, and it takes time to learn. Take in the experience and enjoy the adventure under the night sky!

3 Thrilling Scenic Spots:

  1. Valhall Ättestupa
  2. Stakholmen, Karlskrona
  3. Rock Carvings at Hästhallen (rising in the moonlight)


Bird Watching in Blekinge

Here is a selection of popular spots appreciated for birdwatching:

West Blekinge Ornithological Society


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Discover the Winter Splendor of Blekinge

Blekinges vinteräventyr

Explore the meadows of Hällaryd and delve into the winter flora. Stroll through the Bräkneån Nature Reserve, encountering deer and birds along the way. At Eriksberg Safari Park, gain a unique insight into the Nordic wilderness. Spending time outdoors in Blekinge during winter is more than just sightseeing. It's an opportunity to breathe in the crisp air, feel the crunch of snow with every step, and absorb the soothing power of nature. So, venture out and let Blekinge's winter splendor become your own personal adventure.

The unique flora and fauna of the winter landscape are like a silent poem of nature's art, where each snowflake and paw print tells a touching story of cold and survival.

Catch a glimpse of the rare Mnemosyne Butterfly with its beautiful black and white wings, an exclusive resident of Blekinge's winter splendor. Explore the trees that are home to endangered species of lichens, mosses, insects, and fungi. Experience the noble trees that contribute to preserving biodiversity.

Grass Frog: Listen for the characteristic croaking of the small frog that thrives in wetlands and small waters during the winter months. And keep an eye out for the specialized reptile in its sandy habitats, even during cold days. Discover Blekinge's wild bees and their crucial role as pollinators in preserving flowers and plants.

Learn more about the Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) and show respect to nature as you embark on a winter adventure in Blekinge.

A Literary Path to Adventure!

Discover Winter with Niklas Kämpargård

Meet Niklas Kämpargård, a versatile author, photographer, and adventure enthusiast who opens the door to the fantastic world of winter through his inspiring books. Here are some of his works that will ignite the spark for your winter adventure:

1. Svemester: Winter

Niklas takes you on a breathtaking journey through Sweden as the cold and darkness of winter set in. With practical advice and beautiful images, he shares smart and sustainable ways to explore the Swedish landscape during winter.

2, Being Outdoors

In this book, Niklas opens the door to nature and outdoor life. He shares his own experiences and inspires you on how to enjoy outdoor life year-round, with a focus on adventures in nature.

3, Hike All Year Round

This is a goldmine for hiking enthusiasts. Niklas provides invaluable tips on hiking trails, equipment, and safety. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, this book is an indispensable guide for exploring nature in all seasons.

Njut av Outdoor-cooking, i Blekinges mångfald, året om

So, if you feel the urge to explore winter landscapes, seek new adventures, or simply want to enjoy the tranquility of nature, let Niklas Kämpargård's books be your companion during the chilly days! Dive into the pages and let the content ignite your adventurous spirit!


Book: "Being Outdoors"

In his book "Being Outdoors," Niklas Kämpargård, Swedish journalist, author, and nurse, explores simple outdoor living with tips and inspiration for some of Sweden's best nature experiences. The book takes you on a journey where the power of the forest is used to heal stress and combat mental challenges. It delves into the Right of Public Access, provides advice on overnight stays in the woods, lighting fires, building shelters, and cooking over an open flame. Beyond equipment tips and orientation exercises, the book inspires experiencing the nature of Sweden.

Bokomslaget från boken Vara ute av Niklas Kämpargård
The book can be purchased via various bookstores.


Niklas Kämpargård's other works include "Längs Vägar i Afrika" (Along Roads in Africa), "Boken om Blekinge" (The Book about Blekinge), "Den giftfria Trädgården" (The Non-Toxic Garden), "Blekinge mellan himmel och hav" (Blekinge Between Heaven and Sea), "Lev som en bonde: 100 sätt att klara sig själv" (Live Like a Farmer: 100 Ways to Take Care of Yourself), "Bondens skafferi: Recepten & teknikerna för att äta bättre" (The Farmer's Pantry: Recipes & Techniques for Eating Better), and "Krishandboken: Allt du behöver för att klara dig" (The Crisis Handbook: Everything You Need to Survive). A comprehensive guide for those who want to explore and understand nature and society.

Learn more about Niklas Kämpargård and his books here -


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