Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge

Tasty greens


Mörrum's Kronolax fishing

How many other Swedish cities in the size class 5000 inhabitants are world-famous? In Mörrum's case, it is the river and salmon fishing that have done the trick. In the Salmon House, you will find an exhibition that tells about the salmon's life and challenges, about Mörrumsån through the ages and the history of how the fish have grown so much. Fill up with energy in the Kronolaxen restaurant or maybe at the Mörrum River lodge where you can both sleep and eat, right next to the river. In Mörrum, even those who are not fishing enthusiasts can enjoy - take a walk along the river or settle down and listen. The environment is fantastic, and the noise from the river is mindfulness in its most natural form.



Here in the neighbourhood, there is also a commercial garden with extra everything ... or at least extra finesse, plus good quality and commitment. At Ljungsled you will find inspiration for your own green spaces and windowsills. It is the latest and the most classic. It is green and floral. There are pots, details and everything else you need for a sparkling and beautiful home. And then you can have coffee. You want to do that in this tranquil environment.


Bussresa till Blekinge - Grönt och gott



Are you cold bathing? Karlshamn has since 2015 a cold bathhouse, superbly located in the Väggaparken, midway between the centre and the fishing port. It is a charming building that has quickly become loved. Both for its architecture and for the opportunity to swim and swim all year round. The boardwalk that starts (or ends) at the Expatriate Monument passes "Callis" before it winds its way towards Wägga Fish & Delicatessen where you can trade smoked goodies from the sea. The À la carte restaurant is open in the summer, so if you are a hard-boiled winter bather you have to lubricate the cake elsewhere, there are plenty of alternatives in the centre.


Frida at Staxgård

Staxgård is located on the municipal border between Karlshamn and Sölvesborg, just outside Pukavik. There Frida lives with her family, a lot of sheep and some ostriches. Frida at Staxgård is a farm shop where you will find everything from boxes of lamb meat to sweets and gifts. Everything is locally produced, most of it by Frida himself, and it isn't effortless to fairly describe the sausages, the inserts, the cookies and the ice cream in words. Do you have Facebook or Instagram? Follow the store where you understand better and probably plan a visit as soon as possible. Yum!

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