En grupp ledd av guide på väg mot Tyska kyrkan i Karlskrona

Glimpses of the World Heritage

Naval Museum

- the essence of the world heritage

The naval city Karlskrona is on UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage List. You can easily spend a whole day visiting all the unique and fantastic environments. And there is so much to tell that it would need its own article. A visit to the Marine Museum is a good start and the right choice if you have time to stop. Here you get the story of the city's development, marine life through the ages and can board the submarine HMS Neptun. And we can almost promise that you will be captivated by the influential and beautiful galleon figures in the Galleon Hall. At the Marinmuseum you can both eat and drink with great views of the bay. The museum shop will find the memories you want to take home and the presents with a big “P”.


Karlskrona Lamp Factory

One of the bestsellers in the recently mentioned museum shop is the table lamps from Karlskrona Lampfabrik. The factory, which was founded in 1884, is today run by the fifth generation of Skantze and has guided tours pre-booked for groups. Take the opportunity to get a massive dose of industrial history and buy your favourite lamp home with you.

Bussresa till Blekinge - Världsarvsglimtar


Skärva herrgård

Seven kilometres outside Karlskrona, next to the sea and wrapped in a nature reserve is a fabulous place - Skärva. Skärva mansion, which belongs to the world heritage, was erected in the late 18th century and has since been a meeting place. First for social parties and now for everyone with a taste for the beautiful nature and architecture. At Skärva, music and cultural events are arranged with great artists, seminars and other events. What happens when? Take a look at the events calendar at Music on Skärva and tick off what attracts you the most.



Up in the Blekinge Baltic Sea's northeastern corner, between Kalmar and Karlskrona, you'll find Kristianopel - a real little gem. When Blekinge was Danish, it was a fortified town, and the old Danish is clearly in the idyll with a ring wall, roses in crowds next to the charming street houses. In the summer, the village is filled with summer residents, campers and boaters - and by others who appreciate the charm. Kristianopel's church, in a beautiful Nordic Renaissance style with staircase towers, was completed in 1624. The church has a rare neat chancel wall and is well worth a visit. If it is time for food, the steps go towards Kristianopels Gästgiveri. And when the stomach demands goodies, Sött & Salt is down at the harbour. In the village, there are plenty of craftsmen, small shops and visitor gardens for those who are happy to buy something useful or beautiful with your home.


The beautiful coastal road

Lovely views and tasty flavours will meet you if you take the Coastal Road between Karlskrona and Kristianopel. Orranäs Gårdsmejeri with its praised goat cheese, Olsäng's delicate asparagus and potatoes - these are two examples of "chopping" that you will not regret. In May, asparagus safaris are organized, and all businesses open the doors to curious and shopping-friendly visitors. At the bottom of Torhamn cape is the bird sanctuary where many "spectators" control the cuddle, so bring your binoculars!


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