Listerlandet under Hällevik Tradjazzfestival med sommar, sol och publik

Listerlandet has "it"

A tour of the Sölvesborg area is much to feel and experience. Listerlandet is a peninsula that is quite a dish for you who like to stroll in the village cores, walk along the beach, take a break in the harbour, take a dip - from a jetty or at a sandy beach. The cosy fishing villages Hällevik, Nogersund and Hörvik are similar to each other but also have their own character. Please take the opportunity to feel it!



Hälleviks Havsbad 

It doesn't get more summer idyllic than this. The classic guest house faces its sprinkled windows and its outdoor seating towards the beach, where on the other side the pine trees. The air smells of fur and of the sea. Music, rubbish and children playing. The former vacation home for SJ (the state's railways) staff charms with both inside and outside. Tennis courts, accommodation, food and drinks. Havsbadet - "Panget" in the folk mouth - is one of the main scenes for the Hällevik Tradjazz Festival in August. Dot in that week if you can and experience the magic when the spa hotel meets New Orleans.


Hennings Rökeri & Dagmars

There is a long tradition of smoking fish in Listerlandet. At Henning's smokehouse, the Knutsson family has transformed fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring into all-smoked delicacies since the 1950s. Here you can buy goodies from the smoke and fresh fish and eat at restaurant Dagmars which of course has smoked fish on the menu, but not only that. Shellfish frozen, After work beer and music events (yes, it is jazzed here too) - almost always something happens at Hennings and Dagmar's place.


Bussresa till Blekinge - Listerlandet


Hälleviks Fish Museum

Like going into a large boathouse. Not many people fish for their daily bread anymore, but otherwise, it used to be. At the Hällevik Fish Museum, you get a glimpse of what life looked like for the fishing families and sailors in Listerlandet. Here you will find everything from boats to fishing gear, engines and equipment. And besides, a lot of the sounds heard in a fishing community in the past - it reinforces the impression.

One Saturday in July, cultural day is arranged in the sign of the old fishery - then it is like the museum pours through the doors and takes over the whole village. There are tar rope and purified yarn. It is seared into "herring sandwiches" and is spoken in Listerian as never before. It is a party!


Hörviks harbour

– food break mode

When you are in Listerlandet and get hungry, it is a good idea to drive towards Hörvik, whether it is lunch or a better dinner that heralds. Here you will find the summer open Fiskerian who understands what many want - tasty and simple food at a friendly price. Just a warning, their fried perch with mash is almost addictive. A stone's throw away is Kajutan - the restaurant that spoils you with well-prepared food spiced with views of the harbour's boating and the horizon. Surely it is restful to look at boats that come and go? A walk in the beautiful guest and leisure port, down the beach or cliffs, gives way to ice cream.

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