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Tourist information in Ronneby

Welcome to the Citizen Services at the City Hall, Ronneby, open all year round.

Citizen Services offers comprehensive information on services for both locals and tourists, situated right in the city center. Whether you're in search of historical landmarks, looking to explore scenic routes, or seeking the best cafés and restaurants in Ronneby, Citizen Services is your first stop for a holistic experience in Ronneby.

Medborgarservice, Stadshuset i Ronneby
Citizen Service at the City Hall, Ronneby.


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Discover the hidden gems of Ronneby and its surroundings through our InfoPoints, your handy source of inspiration and information. Marked with the recognizable white-green InfoPoint emblem, these simplified tourist information spots offer a treasure trove of materials to enrich your stay.

At an InfoPoint, you can find answers to common questions, receive personalized tips on the best places to visit, and pick up brochures and maps that guide you through Ronneby's historic streets and scenic surroundings.

Perfect for the curious traveler eager to delve deeper into local life and culture.



Open all year round!

Citizen Services at the City Hall
Pressbyrån Ronneby
Ronneby Brunn Hotel
Coop Kallinge
ICA Bräkne Hoby
Eringsbodamacken, Eringsboda

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