A World Heritage Site

What makes Karlskrona a living world heritage is survivors from various eras that followed in with the present. Visit Kungsholm's fort, the Naval Museum, and the postcard idyll Brändaholm then you understand why Karlskrona is on the same UNESCO list as the pyramids in Egypt and the Chinese wall.

Trefaldighetskyrkan, Karlskrona

Trefaldighetskyrkan, Karlskrona.


Towards the end of the 17th century, war cities were built around Europe where the warships would have their base. The same purpose was for Karl XI when he founded Karlskrona in 1680. The base needed people and service to work and on that road the civilian city grew. At the same time, Karlskrona became a military target for attackers and demanded protection. Drottningskär's castle and Kungsholm's fort have watched the harbor entrance for more than 300 years and in the 1860s got company of the fortification towers Godnatt and Kurrholmen.

Drottninskärs Kastell, Karlskrona

Drottningskärs Kastell, Karlskrona.



Guided tours

At Drottningskär's castle you can enjoy the view from the canon windows and feel the wing of history. You have free road ferry over and can go on a guided tour if you wish. Kungsholm's fort with its round harbor is the symbol of Karskrona's status as a World Heritage Site and is still used by the Swedish Defense. Take the boat from Fiskorget and visit the museum which reflects the exciting history of the fort. There are also guided tours here.

Aspöfärjan, Karlskrona, Blekinge

Aspöfärjan, Karlskrona.



Naval Museum

- a must to visit

The Naval Museum is located in the middle of Karlskrona and you must not miss one of southern Sweden's most popular tourist destinations that tell the whole of the Swedish Navy's history. You can see beautiful figureheads from old warships and much more. Among the most exciting is to get into a real boat - HMS Neptun. Here you can feel, smell, listen and get a sense of both everyday routines and sharp position. Excitement for both adults and children! The lake sucks, and if you get hungry, the restaurant Skeppsgossen is close at hand.

Marinmuseum i Karlskrona, Blekinge

Marinmuseum, Karlskrona.




If you want to enjoy something really beautiful to look at, you should head to the little islet Brändaholm. What you will experience is a real postcard idyll with 45 small red cottages. Even if you have never been there, it is likely that you will recognize you, because Brändaholm is widely used just as postcard motifs.

Brändaholm, Karlskrona

Brändaholm, Karlskrona.



Hop-on Hop-off

For those who want to really enjoy Karlskrona's beautiful archipelago, the concept of the archipelago traffic is hop-hop-hop-off. You get an unforgettable guided tour of the archipelago with 14 possible jetty stops. A wonderful experience, seasoned with salty splashes!

Fika på en klippa i skymningen i örlogsstaden Karlskrona

Örlogsstaden Karlskrona.

Guided tours

 Listen to the exciting stories from the past, right in the center of events today: 

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- and fantastic architecture that is part of the world heritage of the Naval city of Karlskrona.

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