• Karlskrona
  • Dragsö - 371 32 - Karlskrona
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Karlskrona's idyllic colonial cottage area with a unique built environment from the 1920s.


Small cottages in a consistent style in terms of size, design and colour scheme. Located in a very scenic location that has been preserved intact for decades.
Brändaholm is an islet that sits together with the island of Dragsö, where there is a nice swimming area, restaurant and campsite. The location is very scenic and has been preserved intact through decades. The picturesque setting with gravel paths and well-tended, flamboyant gardens make the area a popular excursion destination.
As a visitor, it is important to show consideration for those who live on the site, and protect animals and nature.
Below the "Storstugan", which is a gathering place for the cottage owners, is the old "steamboat bridge", which was built in 1927. The archipelagoboat line, "Hop-on Hop-off", serves Brändaholm during the summer.

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