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The wild Blekinge

In Sweden's southeastern county, it is hardly the wideness that makes us think of nature's magnificence. In that case, it would be far out at sea. But near everything - in Blekinge it is as long as just over 1 hour drive from one part to another - it is instead the charm to be able to discover some of the county's most awesome nature areas, just an hour away from home. Jump into the car, take the bus from town or bike straight out into the woods. Only in September, the forest is the most beautiful, as of late summer stubbornly fights, while autumn slowly creeps ever closer. If you don't have the energy to pick berries, mushrooms or fish, you can always buy fresh produce from a nearby store and enjoy the flavours of late summer outdoors.

Vacker orörd natur i Blekinge
Blekinge's forests offer great opportunities to find both mushrooms and berries.


Outdoor cooking i Blekinge
Lingonberries are pretty good for most things. Bring a roast to the forest and make your own pallets (buckwheat pancakes) and serve with boiled potatoes, fried side pork and raw lingonberries.



The advantage of September is that it can be both high summer and autumn on the same day. The bathing waters are still warm, although almost no one is bathing, and the barbecue areas echo emptily. Where people are crowded during July, it is suddenly empty, quiet and calm. In other words, great for a beach outing, cooking on the beach, or why not a mushroom weekend in the woods? The truth is that the longer you go out in the summer, the shorter the winter and thus also the season which makes most of us long for the next summer.

Laga mat ute i Blekinge - Kantareller, korvar och majs
Chanterelles, sausages and corn gild any forest excursion.


Sillnäs strand i Sölvesborg, Blekinge
Lovely afternoons on the beach. Why not have dinner by the sea?


Höstbada i Blekinge
Planning for a late afternoon on the beach. Why not today or tomorrow?


See Blekinge with new eyes. Discover further nature reserves, fresh lakes to swim in and unique places where you can pick mushrooms. Many times, the best experiences are not about coming home with the mushroom basket full of mushrooms, but rather about going out and creating memorable moments in everyday life. Why not already tonight, or tomorrow after work? Pack a simple lunch bag and head down to the beach to swim. Dine on the beach and enjoy the power of light. If you don't know what to do, there are some excellent examples everywhere. For instance, Sandviken and Torsö in Sölvesborg, Södersjön in Kyrkhult, Kollevik in Karlshamn, Järnavik in Ronneby and Dragsö in Karlskrona. To name a few.

Uforska Blekinges alla naturreservat
As autumn rolls in, the light becomes completely different in the forest.



Pick mushrooms and enjoy the forest's gold. Rich is the one who knows where the chanterelles are. Right now, Blekinge's forests are dying of mushrooms. It may be a bit dry, but anyone who knows where to look will usually come home empty-handed. Also, there are plenty of soups, where Karl Johan stands out as his uncrowned king. Pick as much as you can carry with you and leave the rest to others. Most chanterelles usually appreciate butter fried on a sandwich, while Karl Johan goes just as well to dry. Nothing is as good as being able to enjoy self-picked mushrooms throughout the winter season. How to dry mushrooms: Almost all mushrooms can be dried and then stored in glass jars in a dark and cold room. With the right treatment, your dried mushrooms will last for several years, and you can enjoy the forest harvest for a long time to come. The easiest way to do this is to use a classic sponge dryer, i.e. an electric dryer, where you put the cleaned and cut sponge. Be careful not to dry the mushrooms too hot (max 50 ° C, but preferably as cold as 30 ° C) to avoid the mushrooms "sweating too hard" and developing bitter. For example, trumpet fungus, blood risks and chanterelles are sensitive to high heat. You can also wipe mushrooms on newspaper, in the oven with the lid on the glossy or in classic net baskets.

Plockade kantareller som väntar på att bli tillagade
Chanterelles - the gold of the forest.



Fishing in the open air. Rarely is fishing as long-awaited as in the fall. Then the fish pacify as they should and the days are still warm enough to combine fishing, swimming and enjoyable moments in the sun. In Blekinge, there is basically all the fishing you can imagine, from the enormous waters of the coastal fishery to the lakes and streams of the lakes, rivers and streams. Besides, Mörrumsån belongs to the best rivers in the world, which annually attract big fish from both near and far. With children, it can be smart to get a fishing rod and easy fishing with a mask or even better, a folding rod that can be picked out in turn. Rarely is fishing as good as walking a whole day and arriving at the campsite and having time to throw in a few moves before dinner. Of course, those who are lucky get a fish on the hook that can be enjoyed grilled over an open fire. If you do not have the energy or desire to fish, it is just as lovely to smoke a brought fish. Nowadays, there are practical smoke boxes to take out into the woods that you quickly put on the grill or fireplace, fill with ash or and smoke for 30-60 minutes over a falling fire. Actually, most fish can smoke, the fatter, the better. Remember to shorten the cooking time if you smoke perch or whitefish as the fish will otherwise become dry.

Höstfiske i Blekinge
Fishing in any way becomes more beautiful in the fall.


Röka fisk efter din fisketur i Blekinge
Smoke your own fish in a smooth smoke box over an open fire.



Pick berries and nuts. In the autumn, the forest is full of delicious berries and nuts. Blueberries, forest raspberries and blackberries are already on the pour, while lingonberries, cranberries (of course there are here and there) and rowan berries are well into the autumn. Besides, the rosehip is best when the days get colder. Take a couple of sturdy fabric bags out into the forest and combine mushroom picking with berry and rosehip picking. Unlike sponge baskets, which are curvy to lug both when empty and full, you do not need to pick the fabric bags out of your backpack until you really find something to choose. Both rowan berries, cranberries and blackberries are said to be best after the first frost night. Rowan berries are used for jam, jelly and as a flavouring in spirits, but also as dried sour elements in muesli. Remember not to link the rowan to berries as berries are an essential source of nutrition for a variety of birds. Cranberries, on the other hand, are reminiscent of lingonberry - in both taste and appearance - and are mainly used for jams, jellies and desserts. Dried cranberries, just like blueberries, are excellent as snacks and snacks. You can also drain blueberries, cranberries and lingonberries (individually) and mix them into a powder in a completely ordinary mixer. A great way to taste the file and yoghurt in everyday life. Later in the fall, you can pick blackberries and make your own mulled wine, which is an appreciated element of advent.

Skörda bär i skogen om hösten i Blekinge
The blackberries are also great this year. But preferably wait to pick them until after the first frost night. Blackberries cannot be eaten as they are, but can be cooked to a tasty mulled wine later in the year. There is plenty of lingonberry for those who can pick.



Pick hazelnuts. If you are lucky enough to find a stock of nut-producing hazelnuts, you should keep a good harvest. The hazelnuts are as good as they are, green and fresh or dried brown, you know the way they look when you buy hazelnuts at the store. Pick green raw nuts and enjoy the forest's energy bomb, or let the nuts dry on newsprint until they are dehydrated (the nut rattles inside the shell as you shake the hazelnut). Apart from being quick, you can also use nuts in muesli, in bread, cakes and salads.

Hasselnötter på buske i Blekinge
Soon the hazelnuts are ready to be harvested.


Nötter plockade i Blekinge
Like hazelnuts, both fresh and dried. It is smart to pick raw hazelnuts (with the green peel on) and let them dry on an insect net or in the dryer at home.


So you cook your own rosehip soup (in the forest or at home). Pick 7-8 dl of fresh rosehips and twist the chimney at the end. Divide the rosehip in the middle, at least if you use rosehip from the rose as these may contain mask and boil your purified rosehips with 1.5 litres of water. Cook for 20 minutes. If you make the soup at home, you can use a mixer to break the rosehip properly, but out in the woods, you are directed to mash them with a fork. The more you taste, the better the taste. Strain the rosehip purée with a fine-mesh strainer and stir 1.25 dl sugar into your hot rosehip soup. Drink immediately. Preferably with a click of ice cream or cream. Ice cream, you can easily take with you out into the woods in a very ordinary matter moss. Keeps the cold as good as the heat.

Nyponplockning i Blekinge
Fresh rosehips become good rosehip soup or useful rosehip powder.


Egen nyponsoppa av plockade nypon #blekinge
Good drinks taste better in a beautiful cup. Enamel cup by Hanna Emenius in Sölvesborg. Instagram: @hannaemeniusdesign



Cooking in the open air. The advantage of cooking outdoors in September is that it is warm and that the wood is still dry. In several places in Blekinge, there are beautiful fireplaces to use, where the municipality or the County Administrative Board supplies the resting area with firewood. Bring a simple storm kitchen, cast iron pots or a Muurika stove and cook party meals in the forest. If you are unable to cook complete meals, it is excellent to cook coffee over an open fire or luxury with Open Fire Nachos, like Elle Nikishkova at Elles Outdoor Cooking. All you need is a hearty cast iron pot with lids, nachos, cheese, salsa and jalapeño. Here's how: Dress the inside of a cast-iron cup with baking sheet paper and sprinkle with nachos, chopped jalapeño and grated cheese in layers in layers until the pan is almost full (obviously depends on how large the pot you have). Hang the pot in a three-footer above the fireplace.  Or place it next to the glow and spread the light around the entire bowl. Feel free to put a glow on the lid to get evenly heated. Leave to glow until cheese is melted. You may check every now and then to prevent everything from burning. After all, pour the salsa over your cheese-melted nachos and enjoy heavenly flavours with friends.

Elles utemat lagar mat över öppen eld för event
Elle Nikishkova fixes Open Fire Nachos over open fire.


Elles utemat lagar mat i Blekinge
Open Fire Nachos.



Wildlife and birds. This autumn, the chances of seeing wildlife are significantly higher than in the summer. With fewer people in the forest, it is merely easier to roam freely in the animal world without being discovered. Bring a good book, a packed lunch bag and a thermos with coffee and head out into the woods to look for animals. So in the fall, it is extra essential to be aware of any hunting to avoid being hit. It can be silly to be hidden in the woods when the hunting team is hunting in the area. Even during quiet walks in the forest, you can encounter animals or impressive birds, such as sea eagles.

Skåda havsörn i Blekinge under hösten
Anyone who is sharp-eyed may be lucky enough to see sea eagles.