Sölvesborgsbron i Blekinge

Golden Gate?

Why not start with Blekinge?

The Sölvesborg Bridge is extraordinary to walk or bike over; it ties Sölvesborg's city centre, and the guest harbour with a golf course and beach. It is named as one of the world's eleven most spectacular bridges according to CNN Style, precisely for its design and lightning. Besides, the Sölvesborg Bridge is Europe's longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge with seating for picnics with beautiful views. Here loved ones can stop for a romantic break at the kiss stops or stroll the inner harbour's Four Seasons Park by Piet Odulf.



Six tips

- to do near the Sölveborg Bridge

Att göra nära Sölvesborgsbron


  1. Four Seasons Park, created by Piet Odulf
  2. Lister Härads Tingshus, architect, designed by Gunnar Asplund
  3. Shop in the city, a medieval centre with restaurants, cafés & small cosy shops
  4. Inner harbour, with Ice cream, restaurant & boule
  5. Sandviken, a sandy beach with a shallow bath, café with live entertainment in the evenings
  6. Café Ritz, pastries, lunch & bread


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