What bath type are you

A soft sandy beach or a warm rock? Cuddle or pool under the sun? Sometimes it's hard to choose, do our test and make the selection easier.


Priority to bath?

A. Pomegranate and splash?

B. No neighbours

C. Beach & Sand

D. Heavy regardless of the weather

E. Close to work and shopping

How do you approach the water?

A. Please lose control

B. Preferably lonely

C. Slowly one centimetre at a time

D. In a controlled manner

E. Quickly and chick

Underlay when you sundry?

A. Tiles can provide external numbers

B. Natural, preferably on a cliff

C. Grass, sand or a pier

D. Wipeable

E. What a small spot

What's the worst?

A. Splash sensitive persons

B. If someone has taken my place

C. Sand on the bun

D. Unidentified things in the water

E. If I can not get there

What aroma do you prefer?

A. The steam from playful children

B. My own

C. Forceps or forests

D. Shower soap

E. Sun hot city

Nice bath sounds?

A. Whoop in the waterslide

B. Scales and birdwatches

C. Forceps or forests

D. Shower soap

E. Sun hot city

And swimming?

A. What swimming

B. Long swim

C. If so, I'll be bottomed

D. Everyone is going to swim in a row

E. According to my image

The meal between the baths?

A. Purchase in the kiosk

B. Own food bag

C. Juice, buns, coffee

D. Bath and food do not go together

E. I fix it in the town

Bath places in Blekinge

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