Snorkeling trail - Kollevik

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Sweden's first snorkeling trail.


Do you want to know more about life under the surface? This is Sweden's first permanent snorkeling trail and take the chance to learn more about plants and animals that live in the water off the coast of Blekinge.

The Snorkeling trail is a underwater path with the informations points at the bottom that can be read from the surface. The snorkeling trail goes through various marine landscapes with sea beds out of sand and stone. The information is easy to understand and describes the most common species off the coast of Blekinge, but also large-scale problems in the Baltic sea such as eutrophication, free antifouling paint for boats and overfishing.

Blekinge is a biosphere area. This means that a local sustainable development should be encouraged. The snorkeling trail is a project with in the biosphere project, where the sea is used in a sustainable way, while the local business community gets the benefit.

Rent a set with snorkel, mask and flippers at Kollevik's Campsite, located next to the snorkel trail, tel +46 454-192 80.

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