Paddelkompaniet - Canoe trail Ronnebyån

Paddelkompaniet - your wilderness adventure in the south of Sweden!

Welcome to the family company with the personal service! The people behind the canoe rental have developed the canoe trail on Ronnebyån and the sea kayak rental in Järnavik and have worked for 15 years with entertaining tourists from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium during the summer months. Discover the wilderness in Blekinge from the inside and let yourself be filled by the tranquility and the nature.


Wilderness near you
The canoe trail on Ronnebyån is approximately 70 kilometers long and stretches from Hovmantorp in Småland to Karlsnäsgården in Blekinge, but you can also choose to paddle sections. Here you can experience true wilderness and it is often far from the communities and settlements. The river alternates between narrow winding sections and elongated lakes and is surrounded by deep forests with rich wildlife.

Camp grounds
Along the canoe trail are prepared camp grounds of simple standard that include a fireplace with firewood, toilet, waste bins and occasionally even shelters. Most of the camp grounds are included in a service fee paid to the canoe rental, while a few require payment of an additional fee on the spot. You can always borrow a detailed map when renting a canoe.

Land transports
Since Ronnebyån in some places is crossed by low bridges or power plants, there is a total of 13 land transports along the canoe trail. These vary between 50 m and 900 m, and require a canoe trolley per canoe. As the land transports in some cases can be a bit tough, we recommend that there are at least two adults within the group.

Fishing licenses for the canoe trail can be bought when transporting the canoes.

There are opportunities to replenish fresh water along the canoe trail. Provisioning possibilities are very limited, however, which is why you should bring food for the whole canoe trip.

Normally you paddle downstreams along Ronnebyån and thus transportation is required from the canoe center at Karlsnäsgården to the starting point for the canoe trip. We offer transportation of canoes and equipment for an additional fee.

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