Eriksberg i Blekinge


Why not start with Blekinge instead? In the middle of Blekinge, it lies as a wild African lodge, in an exclusive environment accessible to anyone with nature-related experiences. Explore the exciting savannah, look for the wildlife, and during the evening's dinner you can look out through the large panoramic windows at - Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

Glamping på Eriksberg i Blekinge
Glamping med en egen sjö, mitt i Eriksbergs vildmark.



Wildlife safari

The four-wheel-drive terrain car seen on the African savannah works equally well among the exotic animal species roaming freely in the nature reserve at Eriksberg. With an eight-square-meter window pane and camera windows, the subjective experience is maximized among the wild animals. If you choose night safari, you can also see foxes, minks, bats and owls.

Why go to Africa, when you can go to Eriksberg?



Glamping at Eriksberg

Glamping is camping with a golden edge. Stay overnight with direct proximity to the wild with views of Lake Färsksjön and one of the world's most extensive stock of red water lilies blooming from midsummer to September. The interior of the architect-designed tent is specially designed with mattresses, pillows and duvets that meet the same high standards as the hotel room—two people, with a wild tapas plate at check-in and breakfast in the yard. Read more and book here - Glamping at Eriksberg



Afrikansk lodge

At Eriksberg, you stay in a high standard hotel room with access to the outdoor jacuzzi and a relax lounge inside. All the time overlooking the savannah where the wild animals roam freely. Combine your overnight stay with afternoon tea, or why not custom-make your activity?

Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark i Blekinge



At Eriksberg, you can enjoy tastings that affect all your senses. Visenten is Blekinge's best restaurant and mentioned in the White Guide. In the restaurant Havsörnen you can eat food with that little extra; Swedish flavours, cooking from the ground and raw materials from the farm—everything prepared with skill and vast experience with characters from Blekinge.

Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark i Blekinge


"Hideaway" in Blekinge

There is an exclusive accommodation with a hotel part which serves as a "hideaway" for the fate, relaxation and overnight stay. Here you have direct access to sea views and plains where the wild animals roam freely. To book this accommodation you need to contact Eriksberg directly.

Äventyr i det vilda

Upptäck fler unika och inspirerande platser med en känsla av orörd vildmark!

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