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Whether you are looking for the big pike, just want to swing the rod during some lazy holiday days or take up the fight with the world's largest salmon and sea trout, the Blekinge has the solution. Good fishing luck!



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Brokamåla Gård, nominated for the 2016 Great Tourism Prize, is located in Olofström. A place for those who are looking for silence and outdoor experiences. The farm is a popular conference destination and unique in its offer, all in a fantastic location characterized by forest and water. With 30 different lakes within a mile radius, Brokamåla is the obvious place for those who want to try outdoor recreation as fishing with both adventure and harmony. In a place where you can be just for yourself.


Brokamåla Gård i Blekinge

Brokamåla Gård  is situated in Swedens southernmost wilderness Olofström.

For example, you and your colleagues can participate on an unforgettable activity conference where you finish the day with a good three-course dinner and a wood-fired sauna. You have the opportunity to take a hunter's exam with both theory and practice, which means that Brokamåla's intensive course becomes the perfect team building. Or why not gather your friends and try the clay pigeon shooting or test the adventure track?


You get the feeling that you are "in the middle of nowhere" even though you are not even so far from the community that the pizza gets cold.


At Brokamåla Farm there is the best for those who do not want to travel several miles to have fun and at the same time relax.







Harasjömåla Fiskecamp i Blekinge

Harasjömåla Fishing Camp with 23 lakes and flowing sports fishing water.




Unique events

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It is a must to experience Liska Kayak Open - Scandinavia's Biggest and Best Kayak Fishing Event in 11-13 October 2019 at Senoren in Karlskrona archipelago. During the festival fires light up in the evenings. Lectures are held, exchanged experiences and you make friends for life. The goal is to catch the longest pike during the two days of the festival, but it is most important to participate! Sign up here Pikestrike Sweden

You will find all information about the festival here - Liska Kayak Open


Sign up to Gunnar Ahlström at Pikestrike Sweden via mail 



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