Guest harbour Kristianopel

Popular guest harbour in the charming village of Kristianopel.


There is a lot of movement in Kristianopels beautiful harbor in the summer - sailingboats and motorboats are coming and going into the harbor. Visitors stroll around in the lovely environment, or enjoy what the charming cafe has to offer. The view from the quay or the pier is great. The port is full of life but still manages to be very quiet and cozy.
Harbour information:
GPS location: 56 ° 15.30 N 16 ° E 2.48
Short Course: 81 - South East coast and Öland
Skärgårsdskort: 713
Harbour depth: 1.5 to 2.8 m
Number of berths: 50 (70 buoy)
Mooring: Anchor / Buoy
Service: shop, pharmacy, miniature, diesel, shower, electricity, fresh water, gas, restaurant, washing machine, toilet, pump-out station.


  • Beach

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