Premiärer och primörer i Blekinge

Premieres & greens

- what does spring mean to you?

May is somehow Blekinge's best month. It is now that spring, and early summer are bursting into bloom, and the sea, the forest and the lakes are filled with people who seek nature's light and elegance. Pack your lunch bag and head out for a nice walk in the spring sun, kick off your shoes and take a refreshing swim in the ocean and end the day with fresh asparagus from Blekinge.
After the long dark winter, it is lovely to meet the spring and take part in nature's spectacle. If you do not want to walk far or go out into the woods, you can of course just as well put out the outdoor furniture in the garden or relax on a blanket in a nearby park. It is not the distance that counts but the content and ability to enjoy the light and scents of spring.

Vårblomma i Blekinge

Asparagus safari between Kristianopel and Torhamn. Third weekend in May, the coastal road safari is arranged. What started twelve years ago as an event with asparagus grower Anders Olsson at Bond-Gården in Olsäng quickly spread among the countryside companies and associations and has grown into a much happening where cafes, pantries, gardens and farm shops open for the season. Don't miss the sale of asparagus at Olsängsgården in Olsäng where Anders Olsson sells fresh asparagus. Of course, tractor slides with straw-covered bale trailer are offered to Bond-Gården where guests can see both asparagus fields and the health of the animals. If you want to snack or eat something good, you can do it at Café Måsen in Torhamn, Lena's café, Lantluft café, Askunga Dovvilt, restaurant Pålsgården or Café Sött och Salt in Kristianopel.

Tip: If you have your own garden, then a small asparagus discount is preferred. You can buy asparagus plants at the asparagus festival and push down some plants in the ground with 30-40 cm planting distance. It can be smart to put double rows and plant the asparagus in zigzag obliquely to each other. Asparagus thrives in warm sunny conditions on light soils. Remember to let the plants establish themselves not and adequately harvest until the third year after planting. Don't forget to fertilize and water well during the year.

Sparrissafari i maj varje år längs kustvägen i Blekinge

Sparrisodling i Blekinge

Spring on Stiby hill.
Early spring days on Stibyberget do good for both soul and health. Here you can follow the paths over Stibyberget that rise significantly over the plains of Listerland and look out over the flat landscape all the way up to Ryssberget. Not far from the top are burial mounds from the Bronze Age, between 2,500 and 3,800 years old. Park at the parking lot (just east of Stibyvägen) along with the 123rd towards Hällevik. Follow the trail markings via the view back to the starting point. Early in the spring, the forest is full of windswept and white sips, and later in the season you will find backups, reverse thyme, bloodroot, sunblock, meadow and meadow.

Vårblommor på Stiby Backe i Blekinge

Strolling by the sea. Hiking is a great way to get out into nature to enjoy the proximity of the forest. Beautiful Tromtö nature reserve is known for its fine beech forests that extend all the way into the sea band. Don't miss the English park just south of Tromtö Manor. Follow ARK56, a well-signposted hiking trail through the reserve, from the car park at the entrance back to the starting point. A walking tour of 5 km.

Bokskog vid havet i Blekinge

With views from a height. Spring excursions are a lot about enjoying the forest's morning routines after a long hibernation over the winter. Nothing is better than getting up on a hill and taking in the view. Several vantage points around Blekinge are ideal for a spring outing. Why not to Ryssberget in Sölvesborg (follow the Blekingeleden from the parking lot at Grisabacken), the view in Boafall (park at the sign Ekopark Raslången and track the Blekingeleden into the reserve), the Valhall in Olofström, the Järnavik heights (just behind the Blekinge campsite) Hallarumsviken nature reserve.

Med utsikt över havet i Blekinge

Beautiful Ronneby Brunnspark. The Ronneby Brunnspark is a delight throughout the summer. Especially in spring, when the bushes are blooming with an intensity that attracts both bees and hops in quantities. Take a walk in the park, settle on a blanket on the lawn areas outside the wells, and enjoy your own coffee or fantastic cookies at the Mandeltårtan café across the river. On Sundays, the slightly legendary flea market in Brunnshallarna is organized between nine and two o'clock.

Brunnsparken i Ronneby

Loppmarknad i Brunnshallarna, Ronneby
Animals on pasture. There is nothing better than seeing happy animals in the field. Laughing cows, sheep and goats enjoying the beautiful days of spring in the sun. In May, grazing growth starts and the animals are guaranteed a good supply of grazing while its big feet ensure the biodiversity. In the archipelago, the pasture also has an essential function to prevent the islands from growing again. Be sure to buy meat boxes directly from the farmer and choose Swedish suppliers of natural beet meat.

Nyfikna kor på bete i Blekinge

Blooming trees. Blooming cherry, apple and pear trees are a delight for the mind. Make sure to plant lots of trees for both your own and the animal's sake and enjoy its flowering and fruit. Gardens that bloom throughout the season are significant for both bees and hops.

Blommande fruktträd i Blekinge


Plan and so in the garden. Spring is an excellent time to plan the shape and content of the garden. You are now sowing, planting and preparing summer and autumn crops of vegetables. Make sure to spread the seeds over several weeks, especially for leafy vegetables such as spinach, arugula and mangold to continually have access to fresh leaves for both salads and green drinks. It is much better to have fresh leaves in different growth stages (which are sown every few weeks) than to harvest everything at once.

Grönsaker i trädgården, i Blekinge blommar det tidigt