Res från vildmark till kust med Sommarbiljetten, hållbart och prisvärt.
Upptäck det bästa stället i Blekinge, här på en vandringsled i skärgården.

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Blekinge is the perfect place for summer days filled with great experiences but still with the opportunity to unwind. It's a beautiful place with sceneries and sights that will make it a great place to recharge your batteries.

Have you been thinking about travelling to Blekinge this summer? Are you curious about new adventures where activities, sights and attractions are all close to each other? Do you want to travel sustainably, comfortably and maximise the potential to spend time in the moment? Then here is a guide with suggestions for tours in cooperation with Blekingetrafiken - The best place to be 2023

Karlskrona stadskärna, en stad på en ö mitt i havet.
Karlskrona city center, a city on an Island in the middle of the sea. Get to know Karlskrona city by travelling smart and easy with the summer ticket by Blekingetrafiken.


Our guide to you

Our guide is for you if you want to travel collectively because you love the idea of doing things with other people. For you who want to save the planet's resources. For you who have opted out of the car altogether or are hiccupping because of the price of petrol. For bon vivants, active nature lovers, explorer families and everyone else who collects memorable experiences and moments. For you who want your hands free to read, write, play Yatzy with the grandkids and be able to look deep into your sweetheart's eyes instead of holding yours on the road. For you who want inspiration and access to tips that show you easy and convenient ways to experience the best of Blekinge and get a little further, a little faster than if you were to cycle or walk all the way.

So here you go, our top tips and tours - the guide to the Best Place 2023 by bus, boat and train ... and a little muscle power.

Bästa stället

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In Blekinge you can travel smart and easy with the summer ticket! These are tips on places to visit.


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