skapa vandringar eller festival i Blekinge kräver tillstånd

Info for organizers

Register as an organizer

Do you run a company or association in the outdoor segment? You are welcome to report your activity to the program. It is a great opportunity for your business to get marketing, reach new customers and extend the season, etc. It is free of charge to participate as an organizer, and You can register here:


Information meeting

On March 7, a digital information meeting was held about the festival and how you can participate with your offers. If you want to watch the recording, email ted.holgersson@solvesborg



As an actor, do you want to participate during the festival and use public space?

In some cases, police permission may be required to use public space for various activities. This is to monitor accessibility and the safety of the public in public places. Read more about applying for permission from The police


Land grant

Sometimes a police permit is not required for the grant of land. The most common is that the municipality owns public places. Rules for public places can be found in the Ordinance Act, for example you must have a permit for public places when it comes to stages, tent sales or placement of tables and chairs.

If it is a temporary activity, approval from the municipality may be sufficient to use the site.

To ensure that the land is permitted to be used for your purpose, we recommend that you get in touchresponsible at your municipality.


To use nature reserves

Depending on what is written in the regulations for the respective nature reserve, permits can be issued from Länsstyrelsen. We recommend checking the County Administrative Board's website, where you will find the regulations at the bottom of each reserve under the Destinations tab. Should a permit be required, the unit for Permits and Testing should be contacted, they can be reached via

Anette Thörnberg
Tel: 010-2240237