Höstgolf i Blekinge med milda temperaturer och skyddade golfspelsvyer

Autumn Golf on the Golf Coast

Experiencing the breathtaking beauty along Sweden's Golf Coast during the autumn months is a privilege for you as a golfer. It's a unique and captivating natural experience on the exquisite golf courses of Blekinge.

In Blekinge's picturesque coastal landscape, with mild temperatures, fewer visitors, and enticing golf packages, the golf coast is a delight for those who love to play golf; a golf experience you must have if you're a golf enthusiast. Here are some wonderful reasons to head to Blekinge this autumn:


Höstgolf längs Sveriges Golfkust i Blekinge
Åtta golfbanor inom en dryg timmes radie med bil - Sveriges Golfkust.


Scenic archipelago and nature views

Golf courses in Blekinge are strategically located along the coast, offering an enchanting natural backdrop with the archipelago and the magnificent sea as the setting. Imagine teeing off with tranquil waters around you and the charming coastal environment. This unique setting not only enhances your golf experience but also rejuvenates your senses, making each swing memorable.


Sveriges Golfkust i Blekinge året om



Enjoy mild temperatures

- and sheltered playing grounds

Blekinge's moderate climate allows golfers to enjoy the game both early in spring and late in autumn. Even though the Baltic winds might be cool, there are protective trees along the courses that ensure a more comfortable and pleasant golf experience. This makes autumn golf in Blekinge a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the game without extreme weather conditions disrupting your experience. Unlike the high season in summer, autumn isn't as crowded on the golf courses. This means more relaxed and serene rounds on the fairways. With fewer players on the course, you can truly immerse yourself in the game. Take your time with your shots and appreciate the tranquil surroundings.


The serene atmosphere adds an extra enjoyment to your golf experience.


Avkopplande golfupplevelser i Blekinge


Explore advantageous golf packages

Discover an array of tempting golf packages along Sweden's Golf Coast in Blekinge. By investing in a golf pass, you can play on up to eight different courses at a discounted price. It offers a great opportunity to explore diverse terrains and landscapes as you journey through your golf adventure. Booking a golf package not only makes autumn golf in Blekinge a satisfying experience but also a wallet-friendly one.

Spela golf om hösten på Blekinges skärgårdsnära golfbanor

Your golf journey to Blekinge can extend beyond the greens. Blekinge offers a range of activities and attractions that suit all interests. From nature adventures and cultural explorations to historical sites, restaurants, and outdoor activities.

You can achieve the perfect balance between golf and immersing yourself in the local charm.

Autumn golf along Sweden's Golf Coast in Blekinge is a harmonious blend of golf pleasures and scenic wonders. The breathtaking views, the pleasant temperatures, the less crowded golf courses, and the appealing fairways make autumn golf in Blekinge a golf lover's dream


So, pack your clubs and embark on an autumn golf adventure like no other - Welcome to Blekinge!


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