The World Heritage Karlskrona - Guided tour in your cellphone!

Free guide directly in your smart-phone! An immersive tale about Karlskrona. The story can both be listened to as well as read.


The application can be attained by downloading it in the place you go to fetch your applications, Wether you are using Google Play or the App Store the application can easily be found by searching for "Blekinge museum".

The World Heritage Karlskrona takes you on a journey through Karlskrona city and tells you about the buildings of utmost importance. There are 21 different buildings and places where information is available by text or audio. Pictures from back in the days, as well as the present is available for you to be able to recognize them.

The amazing stories are recorded by Katarina Ewerlöf and Uno Magnusson who takes you through Karlskrona by audio.

The application is free of charge and links can be found further down on this page.
It is available in Swedish, English, and Polish.

So take this opportunity to experience Karlskrona on your own!

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