När körsbärsträden blommar i Blekinge

See & do in Ronneby

Welcome to Ronneby! Nature is bursting with life, and the archipelago pearl Tjärö is open. This year with a wholly new and archipelago-inspired menu. Take the Tjärö boat over, the boat trip takes 15 minutes from the guest harbour in Järnavik. In the dock you can park your car, completely free of charge. Here are also Paddelkompaniet (Paddel Company) and Pensionat Järnavik (Pension Järnavik).

Vår i Blekinge



- & perfect stop along the way

Stop along the way and let nature, and the wind from the sea, give you that unwinding effect for both body and soul. Shop something tastefully from the nearby farm shops and let the ingredients and delicacies enhance your meal. Why not try outdoor cooking?

Utflykt i Blekinge med ett stopp för outdoor cooking.


Susanne Demåne

Another exciting stop is at Susanne Demåne in Edestad, just outside Ronneby. A magical place. Content-rich, calm and beautiful both inside and out. The garden is a park, filled with sculptures in wood and steel. The studio is as if taken from a dream with a personal exhibition of sculptures, ceramics, enamels and paintings. Adjacent to the garden is a cafe where Susanne's son, Kim Demåne, has painted a piece of art along the wall. The whole place is filled with art and creating art with a personal expression. It is a visit destination that enriches and stimulates with all the beauty that can be seen.

Susanne Demåne, Blekinge



Only five minutes by car, from Susanne Demåne, is the Äggaboden with its farm shop, café and restaurant. Here you can buy locally produced and small-scale products, delicacies and drinks. It is an oasis of goodies from food and beverage producers in Blekinge. Shop and enjoy, there is both a broad and large selection. And, don't forget to bring eggs with you home, that's the egg shop's signature.

Äggaboden i Ronneby


The Cultural Centre in Ronneby

Did you know that the Cultural Center in Ronneby is one of southern Sweden's most extensive art halls? The exhibitions are of incredibly high quality. The Cultural Center's staff possesses excellent expertise and knowledge, has an established network all over the world and the ability to attract sought-after artists and exhibitions of high calibre. At the Cultural Center, there are also studios for rent if you want to print textiles, work with enamel or try water cutting. It is also a centre for Ronneby's cultural district and its history. Around the facility, there are visitor destinations with exciting stories, such as the Holy Cross church with the axe mark left in the wooden door. The door is inside the church but once sat on the outside. An axe mark from Ronneby Blodbad in 1564.

Worth noting! Opening times are changing now in Corona times, check if it is open before you go!

Kulturcentrum i Ronneby


Café Mandeltårtan & Ronneby Brunn

Swedish Fika on the Café Mandeltårtan, yes! Incredibly tasty pastries and fresh lunches. Tastefully ingredients and cosy atmosphere. A glass porch with light flowing in. The children have their own playroom, which inspires them to bake themselves.

Café Mandeltårtan i Ronneby


Brunnshallarna & Ronneby Brunn Hotell

Over the red wooden bridge from Café Mandeltårtan and Ronnebyån lies Ronneby Brunn Hotell with SPA, live performances and overnight stay.

Brunnshallarna och Ronneby Brunn Hotell i Blekinge


Waterfall & Director's villa

Around Ronneby Brunn Hotel lies Ronneby Brunnspark with the Brunnshallarna and Kallvattenkuren where you can see exhibitions about the shipwreck Gribshunden and the treasure "Guldgubbarna från Vång". Visit Naturum, stroll around the park, see the waterfall or sit down on a park bench overlooking the small lake and the director's villa.

Direktörsvillan och vattenfallet i Ronneby Brunnspark, Blekinge



Summer greens

- along Sweden's Golf Coast

Did you know that you can play golf all year round along Sweden's Golf Coast in Blekinge? Right now you can play on summer greens. Ronneby GK offers games along an 18-hole park and forest path. At the golf course, you can also have lunch at the restaurant or shop for quality clothes in the golf shop.


Stroll among beautiful villas

Or, how about strolling around and looking at Ronneby's beautiful villas with their subtle colour schemes? It is an excursion destination in itself. When you feel ready, you can do as the cat in the picture, landing on the porch of Café Mandeltårtan.

Spela golf längs Sveriges Golfkust i Blekinge

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