När körsbärsträden blommar i Blekinge

Våren i Ronneby

Welcome to Ronneby - a place where spring blossoms, greenness and culture meet in a unique way. There is so much to do here. Start with a relaxing stroll in Ronneby Brunnspark, a historic park from the 18th century with many different gardens, buildings and even a Japanese garden. After that, you can discover Ronneby at your own pace, here are some tips on where to go:

Tip! Please check the opening hours, which may vary during the spring start-up period.


The waterfall & Direktörsvillan

Around Ronneby Brunn Hotell is Ronneby Brunnspark with Brunnshallarna and Kallvattenkuren where you can see exhibitions about the shipwreck Gribshunden, the treasure "Guldgubbarna från Vång" and about the history of Ronneby. You can visit Naturum, wander around the park, see the waterfall or sit on a park bench overlooking the small lake and Direktörsvillan.

Direktörsvillan och vattenfallet i Ronneby Brunnspark, Blekinge



Café Mandeltårtan.

Swedish fika at Mandeltårtan, yes! Amazingly tasty pastries and fresh lunches. Superb ingredients and a pleasant atmosphere. A glass veranda with light flooding in. The children have their very own playroom that inspires them to want to bake themselves.

Café Mandeltårtan i Ronneby



Ronneby Brunn Hotel & Brunnshallarna

Continue to Ronneby Brunn Hotel for a much-needed SPA day or live entertainment. Stay overnight at the hotel and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Brunnshallarna och Ronneby Brunn Hotell i Blekinge




Take the opportunity to explore the surrounding area as well. A great place to stop is Äggaboden, a farm shop, café and restaurant just outside Ronneby. You can buy self-produced, locally produced and small-scale products, delicacies and drinks. It is an oasis of treats from food and drink producers in Blekinge. Shop and enjoy, there is both a wide and large selection. And, don't forget to buy Äggaboden's signature - eggs.

Äggaboden i Ronneby



Cultural center in Ronneby

For a different and artistic experience, come to Ronneby Kulturcentrum. It is one of southern Sweden's largest art galleries with high-quality exhibitions. You can also rent studios if you want to try your hand at water carving or working with enamel. There are several destinations around the complex with exciting stories, such as the Church of the Holy Cross with the axe mark left in the wooden door.

Kulturcentrum i Ronneby



Susanne Demåne

Visiting Susanne Demåne in Edestad is a must. It's a magical place filled with creations with a personal touch. The garden is a park, filled with sculptures in wood and steel, and the studio has a personal exhibition of sculptures, ceramics, enamel and paintings. The café is also part of the experience with a work of art painted by Susanne's son, Kim Demåne, along the wall. This destination will enrich and stimulate all your senses. Susanne Demåne opens up on May 6 during Konstrundan i Blekinge, then with opening hours Friday - Saturday from May 12.

Susanne Demåne, Blekinge



Ellen's Café & Bookshop

Discover Ronneby's most cozy book café! You can enjoy a lovely atmosphere, tasty pastries and a good cup of coffee. Do you need a place to study or work? No problem! There is also a free wireless network. If you also want to enjoy a tasty beer or a glass of wine with your favorite book. At Ellens Café & Bookshop you can feel at home!




Discover nature up close and explore Blekinge's fantastic water landscape with Paddelkompaniet in Ronneby's help! You can rent canoes and kayaks and paddle along the beautiful kantoleden in Ronnebyån, up to a whole week or go on an exciting excursion in the archipelago. We have everything you need for a successful trip - from transportation and outdoor equipment to accommodation and food packages. And if you want to improve your paddling skills, there are also kayaking courses! So why wait? Book your paddling adventure today and experience the beauty of nature in a whole new way!



Pensionat Järnavik

Welcome to Pensionat Järnavik - where accommodation and nature meets. Situated in the middle of Blekinge's beautiful archipelago, Pensionat Järnavik offers a unique experience of fresh sea air and relaxation. You can enjoy a good night's sleep, an invigorating breakfast and a peace that only nature can provide. In addition, the accommodation is located right next to Paddelkompaniet, which gives you the opportunity to discover the archipelago by paddling. Book your accommodation at Pensionat Järnavik today and experience a relaxing and memorable stay.



Ronneby Golf Club

Are you a golf enthusiast? Then do not miss the chance to play on green greens during Blekinge's early golf season. Ronneby Golf Club belongs to Sweden's Golf Coast and has a fantastic 18-hole park course with a forest area to play on. You can enjoy a delicious lunch in the restaurant or shop for equipment in the golf shop. Reserve your golf game and experience spring at Ronneby Golf Club! The cute cat can be found at Café Mandeltårtan.

Spela golf längs Sveriges Golfkust i Blekinge

Attractions in Ronneby

Welcome to even more places to visit in Ronneby!


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