Sport fishing as a profession

Reportage by Niklas Kämpargård

Mattias Holmquist makes the fish bite!

Join Mattias Holmquist during a full day at Mörrumsån or to Karlskrona and Listerby archipelago and go hunting for the coastline's impressive pike. Fishing with a guide is not the same as walking in someone´s footsteps, but rather an opportunity to take part of what others refuse to reveal. Fishing secrets that lead to amazing experiences on a daily basis. And every now and then a big fish on the hook.


Fiskeguidning på Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge

Mattias really enjoy fishing in Mörrumsån.


Expert guide

Fishing together with Mattias Holmquist is like going out in nature with a good friend. He is an expert, pedagogical (after all, he has studied both social psychology and philosophy) and has a high school teacher education in philosophy and sport. Besides, he is really nice and makes sure to show the best fishing waters you can think of. Which may be needed if you are not born in the area and want to take part in the varied fishing in Blekinge on the border between forest and open sea.


Mörrumsån is a real crown jewel. Accessibility is fantastic and the river extends through the beautiful Blekinge landscape from Härnäs right down to Elleholm south of Mörrum.


That´s what Mattias Holmquist says as we sit down on a blown down tree and have a coffee. 

Fiska efter lax och öring på Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge

Beautiful equipment makes the fishing more fun.


Time to enjoy

Fishing is one thing, but it is just as important to take the time to enjoy nature -  of course with coffee and lunch in the open air - and take advantage of the opportunity to refine the casting technique when you´re side by side with a pro.

Much of my work is about guiding, but as often as I get the privilege of showing some of Blekinge's best fishing waters, I also get the chance to introduce completely new people to the world of fishing.

It is a task that I am passionate about. Getting someone else to dare, says Mattias who has been working with sport fishing ever since 2004. First part-time and then full-time since 2008. - Part-time vision degenerated right from the start, Mattias says with a big laugh. One cannot fish part time if one is like me. The guided tours, fishing and nature experiences simply become predominant. In addition, it is so fun to be with other people that I simply cannot refrain.


Flugfiske med guidning på Mörrums Kronolaxfiske iBlekinge

Apart from the start just a little equipment fix is required.


Love sportsfishing

Personally, Mattias loves to fish (even without guests) and is happy to leave as soon as possible. Occasionally, but almost always with a fishing companion. Knowing the privilege of having the opportunity to fish full-time, while others dream of coming out and fishing a couple of times a year, gives him the peace to enjoy the opportunities that, after all, appear. In his private life, he particularly appreciates fishing for trout, pike and salmon. Like early in the season, as soon as the snow is gone.


Flugfiske med guidning på Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge

Fishing in pools 20 and 21

I especially like the early spring fishing for winter trout. In the rest of the country - and on the continent - it is shameful to fish wintered fish, but for us in Blekinge it is a clear sign that spring is finally here. While the ice is still deep in northern Sweden, the wind-flower bloom majestically along the Mörrum River. Of course you long for such days, says Mattias Holmquist while he and his colleague Stefan Karlsson walk through the beech forest from the parking right down to Mörrumsån. - Do you hear the bird song? Now spring is here!



Mattias Holmquist is a fishing guide and can be booked via Mörrums Kronolaxfiske As of May 1st, Mattias new coordinator for the fantastic Biosphere Reserve Blekinge Arkipelag Of course he will continue to guide part time.

Flugfiske med guidning på Mörrums Kronolaxfiske iBlekinge

A peang is an excellent tool to pull out troublesome hooks.


Four favourites

1). Early spring fishing for winter trout. Already in April, the season starts when you fish wintered trout that played during the autumn and then wintered in stagnant water. A lovely fishing in lovely spring environment with wood anemone and bird song around.

2). Pike fishing in Karlskrona and Listerby Archipelago. Works throughout the winter months, from October until February. Put on the waders and go out into the knee-deep water and look for the old pike. Fly fishing when it's best.

3). Autumn fishing in Mörrumsån. Late in the autumn, mature salmon and trout have come far up the system right up to Härnäs and Ebbamåla and all pools are full of fish. It's not very easy to get a bite, but the excitement is huge.

 4). Rainbow trout in the lakes. An excellent fishing if you haven´t caught a fish for a long time. In addition, it is fun to fish rainbow trout and take part in the beautiful nature of the forest. Rainbow trout is found in both ponds and lakes around Blekinge.

Flugfiske med guidning på Mörrums Kronolaxfiske iBlekinge

Fantastic natureexperiences.


How to become a fishing guide:

There are several different courses around the country, especially at folk high schools, but as important as it is to get an adequate education it is to fish as much as you can. Experience is important and of course the ability to teach others. Read pedagogy, social psychology or fish conservation / nature conservation. Feel free to do it all. The need for a fishing guide company is great and the tourism is growing fast. If you do not get a job, start your own company and offer fishing guiding services for both individuals and fishing facilities.


Flugfiske med guidning på Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge

An average of 6600 casts is required to get a freshly raised salmon on the hook (a fat well-fed fish that goes up the river to play)

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