Fishing villages on Listerlandet

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Along the coast of Listerlandet there are picturesque fishing villages


There are many picturesque fishing villages in Listerlandet: Hällevik, Västra Näs, Hörvik, Krokås, Torsö, Djupekås och Nogersund.

During the last 100 years the fish industry has been concentrated to Hörvik, Hällevik och Nogersund. In these villages the older houses are preserved. The gardens are long and narrow and were used when the fishermen dried their yarns.


Hällevik's old centre, with its wooden houses, is located north of the harbour. There are fishing idustries, smokehouses and a fishing museum. A few hundered meters from the harbour you find Hälleviks Havsbad and Hälleviks Camping.


East of Hällevik is Nogersund located, one of the biggest fishing harbours in Sweden. Nogersund has been a fishing village since the beginning of the 1800th century. From Nogersund you can take the ferry to Hanö.


Guarded by the nature reserve Listershuvud is Hörvik situated. Here you find a fishing industry, a smoke house and a cosy restaurant in the harbour.

Västra Näs

Västra Näs and Sandviken have been popular for bath and recreation since the mid 1800's.

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