Fornhaga Islandshästar

Riding in a beautiful environment by Sandviken's beach, with safe guidance for children, young people and adults.
Outings, yard riding, lessons and adventures.



Farm riding SEK 200/30 min
Farm riding SEK 300/1 hour
Tur ca 1 tim 600 kr
Tour 1.5-2 hours 700 kr
Long trip 3-4 h SEK 800
Day trip SEK 1,100
(Includes coffee in all our outings)
Day camp for children and young people:
Mon - Fri SEK 2,800
Overnight camp from SEK 3,400
Two-day camp with accommodation for young people and adults with food, sauna, mountain bike, canoe or exercise
Price 3400 kr

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For questions or bookings call: telephone number 0706-92 26 83

Welcome to us at Fornhaga wishes Camilla.

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