The Pot, Karlskrona Foto: Björn Lindberg
ARK56 - Avkopplande möten utomhus i Blekinge Arkipelag

Well-being on working hours

After all, well-being is just as essential during working hours. Many of us spend a lot of time at work, and it is important to strive to make the workday, the meetings and the conferences as enjoyable and energy-charging as possible. We are all familiar with the classic venues  offered by hotels and restaurants but there are other, a bit more innovative options as well. Here are a few suggestions.



The Pot

World Trade Center, Karlskrona

The Pot is a great choice for meetings, no matter the size of your group. In the stylish premises with stunning decor, there is a foyer with a café/deli, free Wi-Fi and power outlets. Just grab a seat to get your work done or have important conversations one-on-one. There are also meeting rooms, event spaces, a studio for digital meetings, etc. And you can rent office or desk space in The Hub. All bookings are made via an app where you can also order lunch. Super convenient – they've thought of everything!


The Pot, Karlskrona
The Pot, Karlskrona. Photo: Björn Lindberg.



The open air bath house

Vägga, Karlshamn

Can you really have a work meeting at the open air bath house – Kallbadhuset? Sure! When you want to set your mind free and if you feel comfortable with your company, it may be a perfect way to make room for the truly great thoughts and ideas. If working in the sauna seems a bit radical, there's a lovely lounge between the men's and women's section, perfect for enjoyable conversation with unparalleled views of the bay.


Kallbadhuset i Karlshamn. Blekinge.
Read more about Karlshamns Kallbadhus.


Walk & talk meetings

Anywhere in Blekinge's lovely surroundings

Do you tend to get your best ideas while you are out for a walk? Many of us do, and more and more people understand the benefits of having talks like performance reviews, or other important discussions outdoors. Choose the setting according to your mood and the purpose of the meeting. Do you want it to be inspirational or is as few distractions as possible your first priority? In Blekinge, you can walk in beautiful cultural and small-town environments, by the sea and, of course, in the forests of Sweden's southernmost wilderness. So lace up your trainers and get out there!


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