Discover the culture of Olofström

Discover an area filled with author´s tradition, exciting museums and historical buildings in the most beautiful of surroundings. Walk in some of Sweden's most famous authors footsteps and see where they lived and worked, maybe it might inspire to new works. During the year, several events will take place in Olofström, when it is possible to visit otherwise closed places. Nässelfrossan, a cultural experience with over 100 events during 8 days where the village has several activities like lectures, music, painting, architecture, literature, genealogy, excursions, walks, history and stories!  Kulturarvsdagen (Cultural Heritage Day) and the Literature Festival, Berättarkraft are other exciting days.


Visit destinations in the wilderness

- Discover and get to know our little destinations

You will find the most peculiar museums and unusual buildings, but also an incredible story. Feel close to our lost culture with stonefactory and waterpower and industries, that are now silent yet clearly describe the life our ancestors lived with distilleries and the black gold - diabase. It feels exciting and a little secret.

Ebbamåla skylt

Ebbamåla Bruk

In the middle of the forest you will find Ebbamåla Bruk, a mini-industrial landscape at Mörrumsån. Ebbamåla Bruk reflects industrialization and represents a veritable industrial history park. From 1890 onwards, a carbonblack factory was built, a starch factory, a liquor factory, a wood-wool factory and a dairy. Water power from Mörrumsån was taken advantage of a water power station that still produces electricity. The small industries disappeared but there are houses, remains and an exciting story. Today, it is a living cultural environment thanks to an enthusiast keeping everything intact and now arranges interesting guided tours and opens up for various exhibitions and activities during the year. Here you will find a hostel you can pend the night in, which is taking you straight into a carefully restored working house with "rickepump" and wood stove.

In 2016 Ebbamåla Bruk was awarded the Region Blekinge Cultural Prize.



Made in Blekinge

Here you can see a great many of the inventions that made the world amazed and gave Sweden revenues and world-renowned as a leading industrial nation. And they all come from little Blekinge.

We guarantee an aha experience!



The black line

In the area around Vilshult and Kyrkhult you will find the world's finest diabas. The narrow vain of black granite is only 10-20 meters wide and the quality is unique. During the 1890s mining started in the area and could, with the industrialization, be processed into beautiful, shiny and polished stone materials, which now often can be found in cemeteries and parks.

Empire State building and Stenmuseet in Vilshult

The 6th floor of the Empire State Building is built with granite from Olofström. In order to preserve the knowledge and history of the local stone, the Stenmuseet (stonemuseum) in Vilshult was created by the local accosiation in Kyrkhult.  At Stenmuseet you can follow the different steps in the stone mining process, meet the men who made it possible and see both tools, documentation and artwork. The stone museum provides exciting guided tours that you can´t miss if you are nearby.



Discover the culture in the nature


There is only one globe

Famous writers like Harry Martinson, Sven Edvin Salje, Pehr Thomasson and Axel de la Nietze are all born and grown up in the parish Jämshög with surroundings, which left a cultural touch in the area. Nobel prize winner Harry Martinson was born in Nyteboda and grew up in Blekinge until he as a young boy went to sea and traveled around the world. Writing continued throughout his life and until his death, he was an award winning literary personality. Read more about the - författarbygden (authors area).



Collected litterature

At the authors museum in Jämshög, the local authors' lives and writings are reflected, here you can see Edvin Salje's writingroom live, but also collections, school museums and a old shop. If you want to hold a book in your hand and read them in place, you should visit the library of Olofström, which has a large collection of the authors' works. Many of the books come directly from the authors' own libraries. Many of Salje's books also became films that were recorded in the region. The shooting locations, Harry Martinson's birthplace and the various schools are preserved and you can visit them by joining a guided tour of the writer's location. The culture is kept alive all year round with cultural events and festivals. If you want to take it at your own pace, there is the “Författarvandringsleden” (the walking trail of the authers).


"Ungdom" & "Elise" (Youth and Elise)

-are some of the beautiful sculptures you can find in Olofströms municipality created by Carl Eldh (1873-1954), one of Sweden's leading sculpture artists. Carl Eldh was, beside Christian Eriksson and Carl Milles, the most engaged sculptor in Sweden in the beginning of the 1900's. Born in the municipality of Östhammar, educated in Paris and inspired by sculptors like Auguste Rodin, Carl developed a powerful realism in his sculptures and became the chief sculptor of the labor movement. He is represented in most places in Sweden. In Jönköping, Gothenburg, Trollhättan and several places in Stockholm and museums. Blekinge has a special relationship with Carl Eldh, especially Olofströms municipality and Kyrkhult where you can visit his family grave at the graveyard of Kyrkhult. Visit the Aniarapark where several of his works/artworks are gathered. If you want to see more, why not visit Kyrkhult and Ebbamåla aswell.


If you have the chance to stay here during the summer and are interested in deepening your knowledge, visit Nässelfrossa, a whole week of cultural events in the area of Olofström. It takes place every year the week after Midsummer.