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Outdoor activities

- in the wilderness of Olofström


Olofström a Mekka of Outdoor

Olofström was announced the best Outdoor municipal in Sweden in 2019, because of their hard work of creating a great experience for everyone living and visiting Olofström. There are miles of forest, untoutched along with great trails, both in water and on land. There are outdoor companies offering there services if you want to rent a kayak, try out Stand up paddling or rent a camping place for the night.


Discover the silence

Olofström is a wilderness that everyone can enjoy. Glide on a shimmering lake, get pine needles in your hiking boots and sleep under the starry night sky. Here are hundreds of lakes and great opportunities to experience the outback and get some real challenges. Olofström's lake district offers excellent paddling in both kayak and canoe. The lake system includes the lakes: Halen, Raslången and Immeln together with all connected small rives, lagoons and secrets bays. Hire a guide or contact one of the specialised outdoor companies if you want to get the best possible conditions for your free stay.

kanotäventyr i vildmarken

Sweden's southernmost wilderness



Paddle along

- in Olofström's lake district

To get the best start possible on your stay in Olofström, begin in the nature reserve at lake Halen. Stroll down to the canoe rental, placed on the beach of Halen. Rent your requested canoe, kayak, fishing kayak or SUP and gently row out. You can spend a day splashing around or a full week with staying overnight at the different rest areas. But remember to pack your food, the fishing rod and extra snack, because this is the wilderness. At the service areas, you can sleep in a shelter, make a campfire and safely stay overnight and at Olofströms paddling central you can hire everything you need for your adventure.

paddling på Halen

Blekinge's largest lake Halen.




- in the magical pine and beech woods

If you prefer firm ground and lush forests to floating on the waves, you will appreciate the different types of hiking trails you can find in this area. Walk through deep and impressive old beech woods that used to be the home of highwaymen and Danish warriors during 1500 Century or follow the river on the "Salmontrail" along Mörrums river, where the salmon migrates. If you are a hiking pro, connect to the "Blekingeleden" a walking trail taking you across Blekinge and carries on in Skåne or Småland. Blekinge trail is 290 km long and will be newly opened summer 2019 with new signs and reconditioned trail areas.


Amazing views wherever you go.


These wood still appeal to peoples imagination of prehistorical times.

On a bike, you can travel longer, faster and see a little bit more. Its the perfect way to explore both culture, nature and fresh air. On some trials, you pass by old buildings and local museums where you can take a break and stretch your legs. The cultural, historical surroundings are present through old granite quarries, mills and factories. On a warm day, plan your bike ride so you can stop for a swim in one of the lakes.

mountainbikes led

A lot of our trails require new signs and can be tricky to find, but we work on updating maps and improving the conditions.