Fishing paradise

Blekinge is a real fishing paradise. Whether you want to fish perch from the pier or deal with Mörrumsån's world-famous salmon. There are prepared barbecue areas, toilets, windshields that allow you to spend time in nature for days and enjoy the wilderness and fishing. Rent a boat and spend a day with a fishing rod in your hand, go to Harasjömåla fishing camp, which is the ultimate fishing paradise if you are interested in fly fishing and Rainbow salmon. At Brokamåla Gård,  you can rent your own lake for a day, and at Snärjeskogen you can book your own crayfish area/place/spot in August and September. There is something for everyone, welcome to explore what is hidden in our beautiful waters.

Any kind of fishermen can spend time here and enjoy untouched lakes with fantastic fishing.



Fishing & lakes

If there are over 200 lakes, which one should I choose? Wikipedia has compiled a list of all lakes in Olofström´s municipality. The list provides you with the coordinates of the lakes and a maximum overview. The best thing is to start exploring one of the larger lakes in the area like Halen or Orlunden. 


The lake Halen is located in western Blekinge just west of Olofström. It is Blekinge's largest lake, located at 68 meters above sea level. The lake offers excellent fishing opportunities and paddling trails. Southward you can navigate through both Raslången, Filkesjön and reach the lake Immeln. On the eastern shore of the lake there is a great recreation area with camping, kiosk, boat and canoe rentals and in Halen, it is free to fish.

fishing in olofström

Holjeån och Mörrumsån

Mörrumsån is not only Sweden's but one of the world's best places for salmon and trout fishing. Ever since the 13th century, the Kronolaxfiske (the Kronolax fishing) has been organized and well-attended. The river is divided into 32 sections that offer great variety of fishing. The fishing season extends from March to September, and regardless of the season, the fishing is world class. But Mörrumsån offers more than fishing. Along Laxaleden (a 30 km fishingtrail), starting up at Ebbamåla, which winds along the rippling river, you can, besides the beautiful surroundings, also take part of the history of the area. There are information signs where you can read about the development of fishing and stories of all the exciting things that have happened during the centuries. Don't forget to visit Laxens hus (the house of salmon) At Kungsforsen, in the heart of Mörrum you will find the sports fishing office, shop and an exhibition about the salmons life and the history of fishing).

Holjeåleden - "a timeless feeling". Holjeåleden is a waterway that extends from Östafors in the north to Ivösjön in the south. In Holjeån's deeper parts with calm flowing water, it is allowed to fish pike, perch, lake, bream, roach and other species you will find in the lake. It is not allowed to fish in Lillån or the stream. Learn the local fishing rules. Holjeån and Lillån are the Natura 2000 area, which means that there are several plant and animal species that are rare and have a high nature value. The stay along the river should be done in a considerate manner. Examples of valuable bird species that nest in the river are kingfishers, gray wagtail and dippers. The splendid fern Safsa can be found by the river.


girl fishing in Mörrumsån

Catch & release 

The real fishing challenge depends on what kind of fisherman you are, but it is always important to respect nature and animal life so the fishing paradise will continue to be just as rich and fantastic as it is today. Thanks to great efforts, research projects and reintroduction of fish and natural playgrounds, it keeps our water alive.

Fish in our waters

Pike, Trout, Rainbow, Perch, Burbot, Bream, Roach, Bean, Whitefish and crayfish.


Fishing license & fishing opportunities

With the multi-fish license you can fish in some of the best fishing waters in Olofström. 

  • Tuesjön
  • Filkessjön
  • Gillessjön
  • Raslången
  • Halen
  • Holjeån
  • Södra Grytsjön
  • Långasjön
  • Svartsjön
  • Saxasjön 

Don't forget to always bring your fishing permit when you are out fishing and check out which lakes that are private or require a fishing permit.

You can buy your license at the following places

Olofström Tourist Office, +46 (0)454 30 94 00


Gårdens Värme & Fritid, +46 (0)454-77 10 60



Harasjömåla Fiskecamp, +46 (0)454-470 50



In Olofström there are many fishing locations and trained fishing guides who master several languages as well as hunting leaders who arrange hunting trips. 

Winter fishing

In winter, you can take advantage of fishing as long as the ice conditions are ok. On a sunny and a cold day - get yourself a jigrod, shoes adapted for the ice and fish as long as you can. Angeling is another nice ice fishing to try, especially pike, but certainly you can get both rainbow and trout. If you want winter fishing in slightly more organized conditions, Harasjömåla fishing camp always has an open and updated information about the lakes and of course good tips on both gear and special tricks.

 In Mörrumsån it looked like this during the fishing premiere in Mars, well worth visiting if you are interested in fly fishing and want to meet like-minded people.

vinterfishing in Mörrumsån

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