Sternö-Boön nature reserve

  • Karlshamn
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A unique and beloved preservation of nature.


This nature reserve is filled with deciduous forest, seaweed belts, pines and a bloomy open ground that borders with a waterfilled quarry. Here you find species of rock in form of rough Karlshamnsgranite and coastgnejsen with its tunnels of pegmatite and fine-grained granite.

Around Sternö and Boön along the sea you can also find a lot of old bunkers and fortifications that remain from the Second World War, and if you are extra interested in history you may find old shipwrecks in the water as well.

Sternö-Boön offers experiences for everyone interested in nature, cultural history, geology and those who fancy a beautiful and relaxing environment. The roads and trails appeal to younger and older, those with full mobility and those who visit the area in a wheel chair.

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