Spraglehall - nature reserve

  • Sölvesborg
  • +46 10-224 00 00
  • Spraglehall - 294 75 - Sölvesborg
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Spraglehall is a nature reserve which consists of a small residual mountains and is characterized by rock outcrops, meadows, marsh areas.


Most of the highest portions consist of flat extensive outcrops. On the rocks there are so-called striations. The wooded parts dominated by hornbeam with some other deciduous trees and mainly in the shrub layer. It is an accessible and active outdoor life attractive area. The purpose of the reserve is to preserve an area of ​​geological, biological and social conservation values​​. Nice view of bay in Pukavik. Spraglehall located immediately northwest of hooked fishing village on Listerlandet. In the northernmost part of the community is adequate parking adjacent to the area.

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