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The city centre

Let yourself be charmed by an old-fashioned danish settlement . Sölvesborg's beautiful city centre runs in vanilla, mild yellow, apricot, brick red and pink. Stock lock, more specifically. The colour has been named after Jan Lagerås, a highly regarded urban architect in Sölvesborg for 30 years, and it is well known among the country's architects.

Milda färger i Sölvesborgs palett , färgpaletten kallas för Lageråsa

The soft colour palette holds the buildings together in the city centre.


Around the square is the medieval street network preserved and a short distance away is the city's oldest building - St. Nicolai church which was built around the turn of 1300. Then Sölvesborg's castle was already in place to protect Denmark's interests. Today, the castle ruin is the lovely castle park well worth a visit and a walk!

Slottsruinen i Sölvesborg, Blekinge

Castle ruins Sölvesborg.


Lister Härads Courthouse

One of Sölvesborg's most significant celebrities is actually a building; Lister Härads courthouse, which was designed by master architect Gunnar Asplund and was built between 1917 and 1921. The house, which today is a building memory, is considered one of Sweden's first buildings in the style of Nordic classicism.

It is a magnificent building mentioned in several international compilations of the 20th-century architecture. Until 2001, court proceedings were conducted here. Today, the house's cultural-historical most valuable parts have been restored to the original design. And now the doors have been opened to the public, anyone who is going to marry, baptize their child or just have a meeting in style, can rent the newly restored building.

Lister Härads Tingshus i Sölvesborg, Blekinge

Lister Härads courthouse

The courthouse is open for visitors on Tuesday-Sunday at. 13 - 17 during the summer. Other times, building can be displayed for closed groups. Contact the Tourist Office in Sölvesborg +46456816161


About the architect Gunnar Asplund

Born 1885, dead 1940, was a Swedish internationally acclaimed architect and professor of architecture at KTH. For some of his significant works, Skogskyrkogården (together with Sigurd Lewerntz), the Stockholm City Library, the exhibition pavilions at the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930, the extension at Gothenburg's city hall and Stockholm's city archive are counted.


Go to a museum

Regardless of the weather and season, you can find inspiration and discover new favourites at Sölvesborg Museum, The Fish Museum, the Art Hall, the Library, one of the galleries or the carefully restored cinema. Culture is life!

Biografen Scala i Sölvesborg

The carefully restored cinema in Sölvesborg, book performance here - Scala Bio


Sölvesborg's art gallery and the museumare located on Skeppsbrogatan. The museum and the art gallery are housed in the city's old grain and brandy magazines. The museum shows exhibitions about archaeology at Lists and about the city's history. At the museum farm, there are test-on activities for children and curious adults.

The Fishing museum in Hällevik is the village's oldest fishing village. In 1972, the first culture day was organized, a living museum outdoors. The municipality had bought a demolition property right by the sea, next to the canals, with associated salt. The native compund and the study association Facklan got its first exhibition in this building. The joy was great when Sweden's first fish museum was inaugurated in 1976.

Fiskemuséet i Hällevik, Sölvesborg, Blekinge

The Fishing museum in Hällevik.


City tours

Sölvesborg's city has grown up on the slope between Ryssberget in the west and the sea bay in the east. The city centre itself with its square, streets and neighbourhoods still reflects the structure and dimensions of the medieval town. Around the year 1800, part of the settlement stretched beyond the city's customs, but only in the 1870s did the city blast more its established boundaries. The "modern" Sölvesborg began slowly but surely finding its own identity and its contemporary form.

Bebyggelsen i Sölvesborg

The settlement of Sölvesborg.


Statyn Ask och Embla på Sölvesborgs torg

The statye Ask & Embla on Sölvesborg's square.



Guided tours

Listen to the phone. Sölvesborg's event and guided tour offer two different guided tours in both Swedish and English. Download the app and choose which tour you want to go on. For best sound - use headphones.

1. Sölvesborg, the Danes and the brandy will take you through the city's history with excitement, drama, facts and entertainment for all the senses. The trip is just over 5.5 kilometres and takes about two hours to walk. Of course, it is good to cycle. Download the app via iTunes or Google Play.

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