Nässelfrossa - the cultural week in western Blekinge, which, like the nettle, teases, burns, but also is useful and healthy, a week when you revel in cultural experiences!

Nässelfrossa is one of the major cultural events in Blekinge with up to 150 events for 8 days and was 2011 nominated the Great Tourism Prize. The whole village simmer of activity and here is something for everyone: music and painting, building art and cultural heritage, circus and magic, genealogy and embroidery, excursions and hikes, history and stories!

Nässelfrossa is arranged the week after midsummer and every year it is a new exciting theme. 2019 the theme is: The paths of education.

The small-scale, genuine events are of high quality and the goal is to highlight the local, rich cultural heritage and thereby manifest the village as an interesting destination. The Cultural Week Nässelfrossa is run by the association with the same name and is in several ways the different festival: There are no celebrities on summertour, who attracts thousands of people wherever they go. Here you are looking in vain for both funfair, beer tents and amusing markets. There is also no special festival area, but the events take place in the entire district around Olofström.

kultur på nässelfrossan

Welcome to Nässelfrossa