Kristianopel Resort

The campground and resort is beautifully situated right on the seafront, and is well protected by the old city walls.


The campground is located in a historic setting, surrounded by the several meters high wall that was built first in the early 17th century. Just outside the walls, there are beaches, both in the west and the east. Whichever location you choose, you'll never more than 200m from the newly renovated service building. There are also cottages and hostels. The neighborhood is rich in memories of the Danish period. Fortification systems from the 1500s and a church from 1624. Here you feel the history in both nature and architecture. Restaurant, cafe, pub, entertainment, boat rentals, miniature golf, grocery store, shops, recreational fishing available.


  • Children/Family
  • Parking nearby
  • Bus Parking
  • Close to nature
  • Beach
  • Avkoppling

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