A unique bevarage test with 3-course dinner at Brokamåla Gård

  • Prices from 950 SEK /Per person
  • Olofström
  • +46 070-914 93 94
  • info@brokamala.se
  • Nytebodavägen 337-7 - 29391 - Olofström
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Try different champagne varieties along with self-produced ingredients for the meals along with accessories from forest and land.


Be guided by a magical taste experience as close to nature as you can. Your host of the event will be a sommelier from Paris with experience of having worked with champagne and wines for over 25 years.

Your guide is a sommelier with over 25 years of manufacturing experience of champagne and wine.

You can adjust the drink menu or taste whiskey, rum or beer instead

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