Test to kayak with a surfski in the small waves of archipelago of Karlskrona.

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Do you want to take the next step in kayaking and challenge yourself ? Come along and test kayak with a surfski !


A surfski can be likened to a kayak that is open, without cover , usually much longer than a traditional kayak and designed to go as best in big waves . Really fun it will be in flow of waves from the back.

When paddling surfski at lower water temperatures you have to wear wet suit, dry suit on or tights and a wetshirt . The paddle is usually wing paddle, because it gives a better cut in the water , and is not affected so much by the wind when paddling.

What is included in the test paddling.
- Surfski as above
- Paddle Wing
- Life jackets ( multisport adapted)
- Photo which you will receive by eamil after paddling.

What to bring with you.
- Appropriate clothing to be able to paddle for 2 hours. At lower temperatures are recommended wetsuit / dry suit .
- Sunglasses, hat .

Prerequisites .
- You must be able to swim , normal physical condition and have tried kayaking at some earlier stage .

Promoter of the activity is Utveckling o Äventyr.
Additional info about the event and contact information is available under www.utvecklingoaventyr.se

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