SV to Kylinge and over ryssberget, about 30 km, Olofstrom

  • Brostugevägen 1 - 29341 - Olofström
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cycling, Olofstrom


Start Brocenter-Jämshög-Ljungryda-Östafors-left of the bike path about 700 m driveway on the road 116 to the left on route 116 about 300 m to the right of the road past Marieholmsvägen Printer Hagen-cross the road 121 for about 200 m to the right the old road-golf course Boa-Kylinge-cross the road 121- Drögsperyd cross-over path 116 to Gonarp-right on the bike path (old railway line) to Jämshög- Re Brocenter. Sights Nature Reserve at Östafors, Moss ponds near Marieholmsvägen. Food Krogen Golfrestaurangen and Jämshögs guesthouse. Sights / Culture 3 Naturupplevelse 4 Stamina 3 Map Materials Available at the tourist office

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